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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
On the road again....
23-Nov-2011, 20-41N 73-54W; between Great Inagua and Cuba, en route to Jamaica

After enjoying our solitude at Mayaguana for five days, we weighed anchor yesterday (Tue) afternoon, intending to stop at Great Inagua Island, 90 nm south, before heading though the Windward Passage between Cuba and Hispaniola and on towards Jamaica. However, when checking the weather forecast this morning, we decided to pass Great Inagua by and and we are now on our way to Jamaica, where we hope to arrive sometime on Friday. After some lumpy seas last night between Mayaguana and Great Inagua we're now enjoying an easy beam reach towrads the Windward Passage under blue skies. Let's hope it'll last for a while...

07 - US to Panama
At anchor!
17-Nov-2011, 22-22N 72-59W; anchopred off Mayaguana in the SE Bahamas

Dropped the hook about noon today, in Abrahams's Bay off Mayaguana - an unbelievably undeveloped place for an official port of entry to the Bahamas - very beatiiful. Logged just over 800 nm from Charleston, SC and it was a hard slog, essentially sailing close hauled ever since we came out of the main axis of the Gulf Stream last Saturday. Everything is solidly salt coated from constant spray and waves over bow - so we hope for some rain squalls tonight to clean things up. We're officially in the tropics now (22°22' North) and the water temperature has positively improved since Maine... Ready to catch up on some sleep now... we hope to continue towards Jamaica next Tue/Wed - weather permitting - stay tuned...

07 - US to Panama
Life at an angle...
16-Nov-2011, 24-09N 73-46W

Making good progress but have been beating to windward pretty much ever since we left the Gulf Stream. Good for speed, bad for comfort. .. it did however also produce Namani's best ever 24hr run at 152nm (that tells you how slow we usually go ...).. Now we hope to make landfall either in Mayaguana tomorrow (if wind permits sufficient easting) or Great Iguana on Friday morning (both in the SE Bahamas). A bit tired, but all is well aboard... stay tuned...

07 - US to Panama

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