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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
Back in Porvenir
19-Dec-2011, Porvenir, San Blas Islands, Panama

Anchored off Porvenir now (8pm local time). Checked out with the harbor master here to get our "Zarpe", the exit document we need to check into our next port of call. Planning to go to Portobello tomorrow (about 55nm), anchor there over the holidays, and then continue to Colon. The squalls and rain we had the last two weeks are finally forecast to move off to the west but starting Wedneday seas are forecast to become bigger (>10ft NE swell from strong tradewinds in the Eastern and Central Caribbean). Hence we want to get out of their way tomorrow. Talked on the VHF to a family from Herrsching this morning (practically neighbours to our Bavarian hometown) and are anchored next to Polish boat with very nice crew tonight. A small world again... It's been really wonderful in the San Blas (despite the unusual squally weather) and we could easily spend another month here. Nevertheless glad we got a good taste of it and are a little eager to move on as well.

08 - In Panama
Moving ...
17-Dec-2011, Cayas Hollandes, San Blas Islands, Panama

.. in very small increments. Have moved a full 12nm today to a new anchorage that everyone refers to as the "Swimming Pool" in the Cayas Hollandes. Conveniently, there seems to be re-use of names for individual islands between the different island groups. So we are again anchored off an island named Banedup. Originally, we had planned to go to Coco Banderos today (a full 5 nm further!), but we reckon we have a higher chance of intercepting the fruit & veggie boat here (if it does indeed come ...).

After having averaged1000 nm / month during Sep/Oct/Nov, we now seem to be down to 10-15 nm / week - a marked and welcome change. It will pick up again soon enough...

08 - In Panama
Papas y huevos - saved from the cans!
08-Dec-2011, Eastern Lemon Cays, San Blas Islands, Panama

While we knew that food supplies are not easy to come by in most of the San Blas Islands, things turned out to be even more scarce than we had expected. Other boaters who have been in the area for while told us that a skiff with some fruits and veggies comes through the more frequented anchorages approximately once a week. However, by the time we arrived here a week ago, everyone was already eagerly awaiting the elusive fruit & veggie boat but there was no sign of it. Meanwhile, we were getting plenty of fresh water from rain showers and some fresh fish from passing fishermen (including a four pound tuna for $2) but our fresh fruit supplies were down to a sad collection of five onions, a handful of limes, and three sweet potatoes. Until today - salvation! A boat with eggs and potatoes showed up and allowed us to restock at least those items. It doesn't take much to make us happy!

After a week of splendid relaxation here in the East Lemmon Keys, we'll probably move to another anchorage (Cocos Banderos) tomorrow, planning to leave the San Blas for Colon by the end of the month. It's also time to work down the job-list on Namani again - the anchor windlass will be next. All is well aboard, stay tuned...

08 - In Panama

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