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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
A beautiful spot all to ourselves
Wind N@10kn
11-Feb-2012, Las Perlas Islands, Panama; anchored south of Isla Viveros

Moved 15 nm south today to Isla Viveros, where we have a beautiful anchorage under starry skies all to ourselves. Shoreline is rocky and wooded - feels a bit like Maine with a tropical climate. Boat work continues: Papi fixing the head, Mami scrubbing growth off the bottom and Nicky supervising it all ;-)

08 - In Panama
Sailing again!
Wind NNE@8-15kn
09-Feb-2012, Las Perlas Islands, Panama; anchored south of Isla Contadora

After having Namani moored at the Balboa Yacht Club for a few weeks now (which included a trip back to Germany), we decided that we may as well do our remaining boat jobs somewhere at anchor. So we slipped our mooring this morning and took off for Las Perlas, an island group about 40 nm SE of Balboa/Panama City. With a forecast for light northerly winds we feared we might be motoring the whole stretch. Against expectations we did have a really nice sail however, close reaching in about 15kn from the NE. We even got to enjoy the company of 10-12 spotted dolphins who played in Namani's bow wave for a while, and we did see a whale breaching. At about 5 pm we dropped the hook in the lee of Isla Contadora, enjoying the increased length of our new anchor chain (we swapped our old 35 meters of 10mm stainless steel against 75 meters of 5/16" galvanized high-test/G4 - Adrian on Attilla got a good deal on the old chain ;-)

It sure felt good to be sailing again and even Namani seemed happy to be under way again. Now we plan to spend 5-6 days in Las Perlas while working the job list. As the saying goes: "Cruising is about fixing your boat in nice places"... If all goes well we will be leaving for the Galapagos by the end of February. Stay tuned...

08 - In Panama
Namani caught on film in the Canal!
17-Jan-2012, Balboa Yacht Club, Panama

The picture above shows Namani in the Miraflores as captured by the Canal webcam (thanks Paul for the screenshot!). If you look carefully you can even see the "Wimpelkette" running from the top of the mast to the end of the boom!

The picture was taken on Sunday on our way "down" to the Pacific. On Saturday we transited with two other verssels up to Gatun Lake: "Clipper Mercury", a 600 ft cargo ship, and "Share-E", 70ft sport fisher we tied up to. The image below shows the page from the official southbound canal transit schedule for 14JAN with these three boats (click on the image to enlarge).

Nicky has actually gone through all the schedule pages for last Saturday and charted the 45 vessels the transited southbound on 14JAN by size. No surprise, Namani was the smallest of them all...

08 - In Panama

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