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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
Ready to go
28-Feb-2012, Las Perlas Islands, Panama; anchored off Chapera

Anchored off Chapera in Las Perlas and planning to leave for the Galapagos tommorwo morning. Came here yesterday from Balboa to get the last preparation activities done (cleaning hull and prop again, swapping our genoa for the bigger one, ...). Cleaning the hull turned into a bigger challenge than expected as there are quite a few stingy jelly fish around. Nana had to dig out the long underwear to get full body protection in the water... Our friend Bill arrived on Saturday and will be joining us again for this leg. We hope to arrive in the Galapagos by 10MAR, wind permitting. All is well aboard, stay tuned.

PS: Picture above shows one of the many Pelicans around us here

09 - Pacific Crossing
Film tip: Between Home
23-Feb-2012, Balboa, Panama

A post not about Namani but about another sailor this time... Nick Jaffe is a young Australian with some German ancestry. He worked in Germany in the early 2000s and chose to travel back to his native Australia by single-handing a 26-foot Contessa from Europe to "Down under" between 2006 and 2009. I had followed his travels on his blog and admired his determination to do this with virtually no prior sailing experience and on a very tight shoestring budget.

Some film and music making friends of his have now put together a feature length movie about Nick's journey which is about to be released on the web.

If you're interested - here's the trailer:

08 - In Panama
Flashback: Dinner with Ken and Sylvia
16-Feb-2012, Flamenco Island, Panama City

Now that we have an Internet connection and can post pictures again... we had a very nice dinner with Ken and Sylvia from Ann Lucia before we left for Las Perlas last week (they were our dock neighbors in Shelter Bay on the Atlantic side and Sylvia helped us through the Canal as a line handler). Nicky picks up some beautiful origami from Ken in the picture above. Ann Lucia should now be close to the Galapagos...

08 - In Panama

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