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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
At Anchor Again
27-Jan-2008, Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

After almost a week in Rodney Bay Marina on St. Lucia with all its luxuries (ie. fresh water and electricity) we're now glad to be at anchor again, currently in Marigot Bay. We had arrived in Rodney Bay at the NE emd of St. Lucia last Sunday (20JAN) after a good day sail from Le Marin, Martinique. Laura arrived on Monday from Canada and will sail with us back and forth along the Windward Islands until end of February. The rest of the week in Rodney Bay was taken up by some beach time for Nicky and Beth from Sea Bright and shortening our job list for Naman (we now have the windvane self-steering mounted again!) who hasn't been this clean and shiny in a long time (all in relative terms).

Leaving Rodney Bay also meant a temporary good bye to Jo, Dave and Beth from Sea Bright whose company we have enjoyed tremendously on our way down from Antigua. They have family visiting and will stay in Rodney Bay for another 10 days after which we hope to re-unite, most likely in Grenada.

Our plans are now another short hop to Soufriere on St. Lucia tomorrow and then a long day sail (50+ nm) to Bequia , south of St. Vincent and part of the St. Vincent Grenadines. Over the next week or so we will re-trace parts of a charter sail holiday from 1994 (Bill: Thanks for getting me hooked on sailing!). In some instances it's quite mind-boggling to see the tourist-development that has taken place since then. While I'm sure that the increased income from tourism has helped local well being in many places, seeing Marigot Bay today is a bit of a shock to put it mildly... in any case: it's dark now outside and our anchorage is at the very limit of the bay, far away from the the shoreside development... stay tuned for further updates...

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Back in France / Wieder in Frankreich
18-Jan-2008, Le Marin, Martinique

Bonjour from Le Marin at the southern end of Martinique. We left Dominica on Tuesday after having stopped at Rosseau at the southern end of the island and arrived in St. Pierre, Martnique after a nice 35 sm sail. St. Pierre (once the capital of Martinique) had been erased by the eruption of a nearby volcano in 1902, traces of which are still visible today. From there we went on to Anse d'Arlet, a beautiful little anchorage further south. We had planned originally to stay there for a few days but current weather forecasts had us move on to Le Marin yesterday already in order to sail a more comfortable course towards St. Lucia on Sunday (hopefully something close to a beam reach rather than the close-hauled legs that have dominated so far). Approaching Le Marin is quite a sight - for the pure number of sailboats anchored and moored here as well as for the number of wrecked boats on the shoals and reefs in the channel. Incredible that this is now the major charter boat base on Martinique...
We're now looking forward to having Laura back on board after she arrives St. Lucia on Monday and will take advantage of the Patisseries on Martinique until then - stay tuned...

Hallo aus Le Marin, Martinique, wo wir seit gestern vor Anker sind. Wir haben Dominica am Dienstag nach einem Stopp in Rosseau am südlichen Ende der Insel verlassen und sind zunächst nach St. Pierre im Nordwesten von Martinique gesegelt. Nach dem Einklarieren dort sind wir weiter nach Anse d'Arlet, einer sehr schönen Ankerbucht weiter im Süden gezogen. Dort wollten wir ursprgl. ein paar Tage bleiben, aber in Anbetracht des Wetterberichts sind wir dann bereits gestern nach Le Marin aufgebrochen, um am Montag einen (hoffentlich) etwas angenehmeren Kurs nach St. Lucia segeln zu können (ca. 30° mehr "off the wind" ggü. Anse d'Arlet). Nächster Update aus St. Lucia - stay tuned...

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Dominica by Car
14-Jan-2008, Portsmouth, Dominica

We had planned to see some of the interior of Dominica yesterday and had quite an interesting local experience... We rented a car together with Anna, Christoph and Leoni from Ishani and set off in the morning to see the eastern coastline, the interior mountains and forests, and a village in the Carib territory. All those sights were well worth seeing (esp. the Kalinaga project in the village of Salybia) but when we eventually started driving back to Portsmouth our rental car made some very strange noises and pretty much came to a grinding halt with a broken universal joint in what seemed to us like the middle of nowhere, an hour before dark on a Sunday afternoon... What first seemed like an iffy situation eventually gave us a chance to meet some very interesting Dominicans and experience a great deal of genuine helpfulness. Starting with Joseph, a car mechanic who happened to walk past us on his way home, diagnosed our problem from the noise and coasted with us to the next little settlement (away from his home), after a number of exchanges we ended up with "Super Fly", a "Soccer Artist" whom apparently everyone in Dominica knows (and it sure seemed like it to us). He rode with us to the next little assembly of houses, fixed us up at a little bar/store run by a truly amazing older woman and stayed with us until our rental car agent arrived some hours later with a mini bus to ferry us the 50 km back to Portsmouth. While we were waiting I got to watch the 125 best World Cup goals on a little DVD player in a little hut in the Dominican mountains - not an every-day-treat... There were probably 5-10 other local people involved in all this - thanks to all of them for their help!

We then weighed anchor in Portsmouth this morning and are now in Rosseau at the southwestern end off Dominica, ready to set off towards Martinique early tomorrow morning. Stay tuned ...

03 - Caribbean Cruising

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