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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
Nicky's taste in music
29-Mar-2008, Great Bird Island, Antigua

To his papa's delight and his mom's dismay Nicky has started to express very specific music preferences aboard Namani. He likes music with a very pronounced drum and bass line to which he will either dance or drum along using one or more of his Lego containers (=3D oversized Tupperwares). His most frequent request is "Time" by Pink Floyd (live version from "Pulse" album). The complete "Nicky's Favorites" playlist on our MP3 player includes also: Spin Doctors: Jimmy Olsen's Blues, Little Miss, Two Princes Crowded House: Locked out Counting Crows: Hard Candy, Mr. Jones Beautiful South: Perfect 10 David Gray: Dead in the Water Paul McCartney: Off the Ground U2: Mysterious Ways Manfed Mann's Earth Band: Mighty Quinn (for "Live at Budapest" album)

Not bad taste for a 4 1/2 year-old (at least according to his papa)!

We have been anchored off Great Bird Island which is part of a bigger reef system just north of Antigua (see picture above) for three nights - very beautiful and almost deserted (on our first night here we were the only boat in the anchorage). Our extended stay here is due to another "north swell event" (fall out from a depression and associated frontal system moving off the east coast of North America a few days ago) which is forecast to subside tomorrow. That's when we plan to leave for Barbuda an then on to St. Kitts. Puerto Rico is not that far anymore and the planning and mental preparation for the longer passages from Puerto Rico to Bermuda and Bermuda to Maine has now begun in earnest. Something to keep the mind focused...

03 - Caribbean Cruising
New Pictures / Neue Bilder

We added some new pictures to the "St. Lucia to Antigua" album in the photo gallery and also to the "Krabbelgruppe at Sea" album - enjoy!

As an aside - it truly is a small world: next to us here outside Jolly Harbour on Antigua we met Baghera and its crew today. They were tied across from in Gibraltar lat October and crossed the Atlantic about a month after we did...

03 - Caribbean Cruising
Back where we started ...
23-Mar-2008, Jolly Harbour, Antigua

The north swell finally subsided and we left Deshaies this morning for Antigua ... a very nice 48 nm close/beam reach between 6 and 7 knots ... now anchored outside Jolly Harbour from where we had set out for our Caribbean cruising during the first week of January.

Originally we had planned to arrive in Antigua already last Thursday with Jez and Tab still aboard but the pesky north swell kept us pinned in Deshaies (after an overnight stop in Marie Galante and three days in Les Saintes). We rented a car for two days and got to explore the quite beautiful inland of Guadeloupe before we dropped off our Australian guests at the airport in Point a Pitrč from where they continued to New York for a week of "urban vacation". It was great to spend a week aboard Namani with you - have fun in the big city now!

Deshaies (on the NW end of Guadeloupe) provided pretty good protection from the northern swell that peaked last Thursday morning at about 17 ft in the north eastern Caribbean. The local police had advised us to go to the southern end of Guadeloupe for shelter but the local fisherman were quite confident that their bay would be safe to anchor in and they proved to be right. Together with perhaps 15 other boats in th bay we sat through two somewhat rocky nights but felt quite comfortable and safe overall. Getting to meet the crews of Finnish, German and French boats close to us was an added bonus.

Now we plan to spend two nights outside Jolly Harbour (missing the company of Sea Bright with whom we were here before) and then to go to the northern side of Antigua to anchor off Bird Island - said to be a beautiful spot protected by coral reefs. Stay tuned ...

03 - Caribbean Cruising

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