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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
New video footage
27-Apr-2008, Puerto del Rey, Puerto Rico

Some more short video clips taken over the past few weeks...

The first and most recent one of our sail from Anguilla to Culebra with a voice over from Markus

Next the daily ritual of listening to Chris Parker's weather forecast at 7 am over breakfast (this one taken while at anchor off St. Kitts)...

And lastly, Markus helming and munching away between Barbuda and St. Kitts...

03 - Caribbean Cruising
Breakfast with Manatee
Nana & Markus
22-Apr-2008, Puerto del Rey, Puerto Rico

We're in Puerto Rico proper now, in a marina on the east coast of the island. We will likely stay here for a week or so to work down the Namani job list again and to have Markus go to the Bahamas to get a visa for the US (that's a long story to be told in some other post...). Nana's mother is visiting for the week so we also enjoy some family time together - recently joined by a manatee that was swimming around the marina one morning (see picture above). "Swimming around" exaggerates the manatee's speed - it was barely moving. We heard they were slow but now we know they're really sllllooooowww...

03 - Caribbean Cruising
Anchored on the verge of a nervous breakdown
17-Apr-2008, Bahia de Almodovar, Culebra, Spanish Virgin Islands

Arrived in Culebra today after a very beautiful and enjoyable overnight sail from Anguilla. Our anchorage here in Bahia de Almodovar (any relation to the the Spanish movie director yet to be verified) is stunningly beautiful - a bit of a combination between Tobago Cays (anchored behind a reef), Tyrell Bay/Carriacou (largely undeveloped bay) and Les Saintes (view of St. Thomas lights in the distance) - and all that shared with only one other sailboat! Off to Fajardo on Puerto Rico's east coast tomorrow, update and pictures to follow...

03 - Caribbean Cruising

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