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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
Shopping Guide to the Eastern Caribbean
09-Nov-2008, Gelting, Germany

Being the bargain hunter that my mother trained me to be, I spent considerable time comparing prices between the various Leeward and Windward islands. My price list was born after I sent 20 postcards from Guadeloupe, thinking it would be the cheaper option, only to find that I would have paid a fraction of the postage in Dominica (and gotten more interesting stamps than good old Miss Liberte).

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03 - Caribbean Cruising
The final postcard arrives...
21-Sep-2008, Anguilla and Tarrytown, NY

The probably last postcard from our trip finally arrived... it was sent on April 15 this year from Anguilla and arrived at the house of Nana's mother this past week!

We remember sending the postcard because we weren't quite sure if the slot we slid it into was just a hole in somebody's wall or indeed (as the locals claimed) a mailbox. Once again, the locals were right...

Cruising with a Child on a Sailboat
08-Sep-2008, Wolfratshausen, Germany

When we began planning our trip in earnest, a big concern of ours was our son: how would Nicky handle life on Namani? How would we handle life with him in such a small space, and away from normal sources of child entertainment like kindergarden and his friends? Now that we have finished a year of sailing, we are glowing in our memories and our accomplishment as a family. We had a fantastic year, and are so glad we did it together and at this stage in our lives.

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