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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
Namani's Photos - Puerto Rico to Florida
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Nicky re-united with Dante from Arearea in Puerto Rico
Swimming in glowing bio-luminiscent water (which you cannot see in the picture...)
Fixing the lower nav lights at anchor
Bill off Isla Palomino (PR)
Underway again (to Turks and Caicos)!
1st sunset en-route from Puerto Rico to Turks and Caicos
Improvising an ensign for the Turks and Caicos (re-using the Anguilla flag and some scraps of fabric...)
Nicky on deck
NaMaNi on Grand Turk Island
The guys, chilling out at the Turk
Bill on his dive off Grand Turk Island
No comment
Topping off our diesel supplies
Last provisions
This way, please!
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24 February 2008
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30 August 2007
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