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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
The Daily Commute
27-Jul-2011, Casco Bay Lines ferry between Peaks Island and Portland

A foggy impression from our 6:15 am ferry ride from Peaks Island to Portland. Our daily commute to our new workplace at the boat yard these past 10 days... Fog has been surprisingly absent during the past week's heat wave up here, now it seems back to normal. Hoping to get Namani in the water later this morning...

05 - Maine Shakedown Cruising
A Hole in the Hull!
26-Jul-2011, Yarmouth, Maine

After thinking we were close to launching Namani on Tuesday (today), a check of the seacocks yesterday (stupidly left to the last minute... revealed a seized one below the waterline - defintely no launch... it ended up having to be cut out with the yard's help, so this afternoon we had a nice big hole Namani's hull... new through-hull and seacock have since been installed, launch scheduled for Wednesday morning. Stay tuned...

05 - Maine Shakedown Cruising
Shed with a View
25-Jul-2011, Yarmouth, Maine

A view from where we currently spend our days, hoping that Namani will be in the water again very soon now...

05 - Maine Shakedown Cruising

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