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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
Back in Casco Bay
11-Sep-2011, The Goslings

We're back at The Goslings tonight (a gfew miles NE from Portland) after a great sail from Christmas Cove (so named because Captain John Smith spent Christmas 1614 there), starting in light winds this morning and ending up beating into 15-20 kn across Casco Bay under sunny skies. This pretty much concludes our little "Maine Shakedown Cruise" which we greatly enjoyed over the past 9 days. We had some great sailing (incl. a longish 55 nm day from Seal Bay to Christmas Cove where we averaged 6+ kn which - at least on Namani's scale - feels fast!), beautiful anchorages, an enjoyable two days in Castine (despite the rain) and nice reunions with friends along the way. Namani did very well and the new suit of sails makes a big difference. There are some smaller jobs to take care of but by and large it feels like the ratio of sailing time to boat work time is over the hump for now ;-)

We'll have to run some errands in Portland tomorrow (Monday) and then plan on finally starting our way south. About time as temperaturtes start to get pretty chilly at night ...

The video below was taken during our sail today, approaching Cape Small with Seguin in the background. Nicky taking a nap in the cockpit. You can tell by Nana's clothing and Nicky's sleeping back that it's getting chilly despite the sunshine...

05 - Maine Shakedown Cruising
A Bay to ourselves...
09-Sep-2011, Seal Bay, Vinal Haven

... almost. We were one of three boats in Seal Bay, a beautiful anchorage on the NE end of Vinal Haven in Penobscot Bay (thanks for the tip, Mike!). Left Castine at 09:20 this morning and had a beautiful sail beam/broad-reaching in northerly winds.

05 - Maine Shakedown Cruising
New Photo Album
08-Sep-2011, Castine, Maine

Added a new photo album "Maine Shakedown Cruise" (see photo gallery link on the right). The picture above shows Nicky and Papa in North Haven, using the grocery store's wifi to check the weather forecast.

If you like moving pictures: Here's a short clip of Nana sailing around Cape Small, leaving Casco Bay behind us at last (we'll be very happy to come back though).

05 - Maine Shakedown Cruising

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