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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
21-Oct-2011, Hudson Creek, Little Choptank River, Chesapeake Bay

... just noticed that the previous post was truncated at the end. What we meant to say was: After all this time at a town mooring in Annapolis it feels as if we have to get our sea legs back again. We promptly ran aground on our way to the Hudson Creek anchorage in a spot where the chart shows plenty of water (see picture above; soundings in feet - we draw six of them). Seems as if there is not only the concept of true and apparent wind, but also something like "true and apparent depth"... Luckily it's all soft sand and mud around here, so we were able to wiggle Namani out of there and then followed a very kind boat from Buckport, ME, who - with a five foot draft - offered to serve as our depth scout into the channel.

06 - US East Coast Southbound
At Anchor Again
21-Oct-2011, Hudson Creek, Little Choptank River, Chesapeake Bay

After 2 1/2 weeks (which included a 5-day trip back to Germany for Nicky and Markus to see Oma and Opa) we finally did say good bye to Annapolis again. We started heading further south, planning to meet our friends from Boundless in Virginia tomorrow or on Sunday and then proceed towards Norfolk.

Annapolis has been a real highlight and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there. That included the Boat Show (which made us proud owners of a new Parasailor) and also a very nice visit by/afternoon sail with Bonnie, Bill and Phoebe (incl. a sleep over by the latter two) . As in many places down the East Coast, colonial and early US history was lurking behind every corner. We went to the Maryland State House yesterday to see the original letter/speech by which George Washington resigned his commision as a general after a successful revolutionary war. An act that really stands out in today's day and age...

06 - US East Coast Southbound
The ice is melting...
05-Oct-2011, Annapolis, MD

We legged it from Cape May and after a wet, cold and bumpy but fast sail up the Delaware Bay, we went through the Chesapeake-Delaware Channel and - with two over night stops en route - arrived in Annapolis yesterday afternoon. Yesterday started out slow and windless but then the forecasted gusty NW @20kn filled in and we had a beautiful sail for the last stretch to Annapolis. We love it here - tucked away at a town mooring with lots of boats and green lawns around, plus easy accessibility to town and the boat show that will start on Thursday. The even better news is: The "freezing" (5-10°C) temperatures of the last few days (see picture above from sail up the Delaware Bay last Sunday) are over and we're now back in shorts under sunny skies. It got to that critical point where the beer actually got warmer in the bilge than on the shelf because water temperature was significantly higher than air temperature. Alcoholic equilibrium has now been restored...

We plan to stay here until Monday, hopefully with a chance to meet up with Bill, Bonnie and Phoebe over the weekend. Stay tuned...

06 - US East Coast Southbound

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