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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
Among Friends
23-Oct-2011, Coan River, VA

Had a very nice reunion with Liz, Jeff an Jen from Boundless last night and spend the night off their dock in a beautiful and quiet little anchor-spot all to ourselves (picture above shows sunrise).

06 - US East Coast Southbound
Namani Airborne ...
22-Oct-2011, Chesapeake Bay

... almost. We did get to play with our new Parasailor along the way, an innovative spinnaker-type sail with a paraglider wing integrated into the sail. It flies in an amazingly stable way. In addition, Nicky enjoys his new comfort-seat on the foredeck (aka the Parasailor bag before and after hoisting):

06 - US East Coast Southbound
21-Oct-2011, Hudson Creek, Little Choptank River, Chesapeake Bay

... just noticed that the previous post was truncated at the end. What we meant to say was: After all this time at a town mooring in Annapolis it feels as if we have to get our sea legs back again. We promptly ran aground on our way to the Hudson Creek anchorage in a spot where the chart shows plenty of water (see picture above; soundings in feet - we draw six of them). Seems as if there is not only the concept of true and apparent wind, but also something like "true and apparent depth"... Luckily it's all soft sand and mud around here, so we were able to wiggle Namani out of there and then followed a very kind boat from Buckport, ME, who - with a five foot draft - offered to serve as our depth scout into the channel.

06 - US East Coast Southbound

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