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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
Third night out
02-Dec-2011, N13-32 W77-21 - en route from Jamaica to Panama

Good progress... wind and seas picking up a bit but skies are still largely clear... about 250 nm to go - all is well aboard, stay tuned...

07 - US to Panama
370 nm to go...
01-Dec-2011, N15-30 W77-05 - en route from Jamaica to Panama

Had another beautiful sailing day yesterday (Thursday)... Parasailor up all afternoon, worked surprisingly well under wind vane self steering. A bit more moisture in the air but still a largely clear night now, no squalls yet. Hoping for Monday morning arrival in Porvenir/Panama. All is well aboard, stay tuned...

07 - US to Panama
Under way again
30-Nov-2011, N17-36 W76-10 - en route from Jamaica to Panama

Slipped our lines in Port Antonio at 11:30 this morning and are now about 20 nm south of Jamaica's south eastern corner. Beautiful sailing conditions, running downwind in 15kn of wind under a twistle-rigged genoa and clear starry skies. Our friend Bill arrived in Jamaica yesterday and joins us for this leg to Panama - we're very happy to have him aboard! We thoroughly enjoyed our short stay in Jamaica and think Port Antonio must be among the most under-rated cruising destinations in the Caribbean. Very friendly people in a beautiful setting.

All is well aboard - stay tuned....

PS: Picture above shows the crew just before slipping the lines at Errol FlynnMarina

07 - US to Panama

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