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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
05-Dec-2011, Porvenir, Panama

Dropped the hook off Porvenir in Panama's San Blas Islands at 08:00 local time this morning.. Had a really beautiful sail from Jamaica to here. Now getting ready to go ashore to clear in with Customs and Immigration and find out about flight options for Bill who needs to return to the US. More to follow later...

Picture above shows enjoying a cold drink after arrival with trying to organize his transport back to the US.

07 - US to Panama
The home stretch...
04-Dec-2011, N10-18 W78-36 - 50 nm to go to Panama

Just after sunset on Sunday, 04DEC. About 50 nm to go to Porvenir in the San Blas Islands off Panama. Trying to slow the boat down now, so we can arrive at daybreak. Beautiful sailing so far, a really nice trip. All is well aboard, stay tuned...

PS: Picture above of a squall during the approach to San Blas the next morning.

07 - US to Panama
Third night out
02-Dec-2011, N13-32 W77-21 - en route from Jamaica to Panama

Good progress... wind and seas picking up a bit but skies are still largely clear... about 250 nm to go - all is well aboard, stay tuned...

07 - US to Panama

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