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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
10-Apr-2012, Under way to the Marquesas, S07-08 W098-09

Caught our first Dorado on this trip today (Mon, 09APR)! Sushi snack followed by a very tasty dinner... Sailing is very different now compared to the first few days of the passage. Then - while sailing clause hauled/close reaching - it seemed we were constantly taking reeefs in out of sails, trimmin, tacking, ... and watches were very busy. Now the wind has settled (we hope) on/just abaft the beam and things have become more relaxed. We put the Parasailor up this morning and had it fly all day, steered by the wind vane (with some brief help from hand steering during a squall). Made for a comfortable ride all day. Took it down again in the evening and swapped it for the genoa for the night. That's it. Hence, there is now more time for play, school - and fishing. Nana is even close to finishing "Path between the Seas" (500 pg book on the history of and behind the Panama Canal - fascinating reading). There will porbably be a few less comfortable days along the way, but right now it's very enjoyable. Now (04:30am local time on Tuesday morning) we have about 2400nm to go until the Marquesas - should be another three weeks, give or take. All is well aboard. Stay tuned...

09 - Pacific Crossing
Sailing as it should be
09-Apr-2012, Under way to the Marquesas, S06-57 W095-35

Skies did ineed clear during the second part of last night and we've had beautiful sailing since then. Wind at 12-15kn from just abaft the beam, swell less confused now, mostly out of the SE. Had the Parasailor up today and it did it's trick again and significantly reduced the rolling motion of the boat (now back under genoa for the night). Trolled fishing lines for the first time today, no success yet though. Had about 10 flying fish on deck this morning (must have landed unexpectedly when trying to escape from some bigger fish). Another one landed in the bathroom sink tonight (came in through the bathroom hatch). Now we need some more on the deck to have bait for tomorrow... About 2550nm to go the Marquesas. All is well aboard, stay tuned...

09 - Pacific Crossing
Right turn towards the Marquesas
08-Apr-2012, Under way to the Marquesas, S06-37 W094-02

The wind did pick up a bit and has steadied once we reached about 6 deg S, so we could finally make that "right turn" and are now sailing more or less directly towards the Marquesas. Skies are still mostly overcast but we hope this will break up as we go further WSW. Nicky built a very cool sailboat out of Lego over the past two days - a cutter rigged sloop, complete with functioning roller reefing foresail, winches and all. Now the challenge is to keep it in one piece while the boat rolls with the waves ... ;-) All is well aboard, stay tuned...

09 - Pacific Crossing

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