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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
New photo album
30-May-2012, Taihoae

One of the rare occasions with a halfway decent internet connection here in Taihoae, Nuku Hiva... have posted a new photo album with some pictures of our month in the Marquesas under this link (Picasa). We plan to leave for the Tuamotus tómorrow after some final provisioning today. Stay tuned...

09 - Pacific Crossing
A pit stop in Taihoae...
28-May-2012, Anchored in Daniel's Bay, Nuku Hiva, northern Marquesas

After another very nice day yesterday (Saturday) with Samba, E Capoe and Topaze (four boats incl. Namani and eight kids between them!), we left the "Baie du Contrôleur" this morning with a bit of a heavy heart. We would have loved to stay a few days longer with the other boats but in order to make Nicky's and Papa's flight back to Germany from Tahiti on 17JUN *and* to leave at least a week for staying in the Tuamotus on the way to Tahiti we had to start to make tracks...

We stopped in Taihoae (biggest town in the Marquesas) and saw a lot of our former neighbors from other islands there (Malamock, Merilelu, Katydid, Floe, Venus, Moin, Ashanti, ...). We also heard that the anchorage there had turned quite rolly over the past two nights. Hence - with stores being closed tomorrow ("Pfingstmontag") anyway, we follwoed Merilelu's and Floe's example, and just moved on to Daniel's Bay, about 4 miles further to the west. A more comfortable spot with very beautiful scenery. Will hike to the world's 3rd (?) highest waterfall tomorrow morning, do some boat jobs, and then return to Taihoae Tuesday morning for provisioning, fuel, cooking gas, ..If things go well, we'll leave for the Tuamotus on Thursday this week. Stay tuned...

09 - Pacific Crossing
Child's play
26-May-2012, Anchored in Hanga Haa, Nuku Hiva, northern Marquesas

Left Ua Pou early this morning (Friday), together with Topze and Merilelu, to sail 30nm to the north for Nuku Hiva. What looked like something between a close and a beam reach on the forecast turned out to be a beat to windward. Nice conditions and a nice sail though. Here in Hanga Haa (one "finger" in the larger "Baie du Contrôleur" on the southeastern end of Nulu Hiva) we found E Capoe and Samba again. So together with Nicky, and Toasca and Gabrielle from Topaze we now have eight kids between 5 and 11 years in the anchorage here and they all convened on Samba this afternoon (thanks Peter and Mel...). An interesting language mix as well. No common language that all of them share, but with some of them being bi-lingual (English/French, German/French, German/English) there's always a workable "translation relay" (not that they really need it anyway...).

Will go explore some Tikis tomorrow, replenish our water supplies and then move on again Sunday morning - att least according to the current plan... stay tuned...

09 - Pacific Crossing

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