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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
Moored at Olbia, sitting out a gale
Nana & Markus
11-Jul-2007, Circulo Nautico Olbia

A quick update a week into our trip... We left St. Maria Navarrese on Sunday, July 8 at 6 am, sailing up the 60 nm up to Capo Coda Cavallo (just southeast of Olbia) where we spend a beautiful night at anchor (pictures to follow). While we had sailed this stretch multiple times before in either direction this was the first time we did the entire leg during daytime so we actually did get some new views of the cliffy and undeveloped coast line.

On Monday we then motored and sailed just 3 hours into Olbia, where we tied up at the Circolo Nautico Olbia, a small private yacht club that appears to be very welcoming to visiting sailors. The remainder of the day was pretty much taken up by doing some errands. We picked up some topcoat paint which we had ordered before from Germany from a local distributor (Nicky fell asleep at the store so the patrons provided Nana with a big office chair to sit down with him in the middle of the show room...), did the first batch of food shopping for the next leg, and got some smaller items at a hardware store. Olbia actually provides a nice contrast to the jet-set Disney Land that the Costa Smeralda just north of here has turned into - a real little city with real people, a little scrubby in some parts but with a lot of character and a nice town center.

On Monday night our friend Cath arrived from Bejing via Munich to join us for the next stretch until Reggio Calabria at the southern end of the Italian mainland. A nice reunion after Cath has been working in China for two years with a lot of catching up.

Starting Monday afternoon, a passing low and cold front (probably combined with some Mistral) brought some gale force winds which are forecast to continue until tonight (Wednesday). So rather than leaving on Tuesday morning for the Aeolian Islands north of Sicily we stayed put at the Circolo Nautico and spent yesterday working down our to-do list of little projects (changed engine oil and filter, fixed control box for anchor windlass, finished the SSB installation, mounted a second fire extinguisher) and doing the second batch of provisioning.

Last summer we were stuck for three days, sitting out a gale in an anchorage close by and getting impatient as the days of our 2 week vacation were ticking by. It's a nice change now to have no time pressure but the luxury to wait for better weather and enjoy our time here in Olbia (and there's still plenty of stuff left on the to-do list to keep us busy around the boat...).

So our new estimated departure time will likely be this afternoon or tomorrow morning - weather permitting. Stay tuned...

01 - Mediterranean
Schöner Abschied, schöner Anfang
Nana & Markus
05-Jul-2007, St. Maria Navarrese

Eigentlich hatten wir erwartet, am 29.06. bis Mitternacht unsere Siebensachen einzulagern und dann am Samstag (Nana's Geburtstag) kaputt und wehmütig von Gelting (vorübergehend) Abschied zu nehmen. Zum Glück kam es ganz anders: In dreieinhalb Stunden waren die Möbel und Kartons eingelagert und Nana's Geburtstag am 30.06. gestaltete sich dann noch besonders schön. Wir hatten die letzte Nacht bei Freunden in Gelting übernachtet (danke Sabine und Michael), die am Samstagmorgen dafür gesorgt hatten, dass die gesamte Krabbelgruppe zum Gebturtstagständchen samt abschliessender bayerischer Brotzeit erschienen war. Die Wimpelkette, zu der jeder einen persönliches Fähnchen beigesteuert hatte, hat Nana dabei zum Geburtstag erhalten (siehe Bild). Damit dürften wir im Mittelmeer (und
vermutlich auch darüberhinaus) einzigartig sein - nochmals danke liebe Freundinnen und Freunde!

Nach einem Abstecher über Kassel mit einem Besuch bei Markus' Eltern (ebenfalls danke OmaPa!) waren wir dann endlich mit unserem
One-way Ticket unterwegs Richtung Sardinien für unser gemeinsames Jahr auf Namani (von 230 auf ca. 12 qm...). Die ersten Tage hier sind noch sehr stark vom Einräumen, Aufräumen und letzte Vorberereitungen Treffen geprägt, bevor wir hoffentlich am Sonntag zunächst nach Norden Richtung Olbia segeln können, um dort Cath abzuholen. Sie wird uns auf unserer ersten Etappe nach Sizilien (Aeolische Inseln) und Calabrien begleiten.

Wahrscheinlich wird es einige Wochen dauern, bis wir tatsächlich verinnerlicht haben, dass jetzt ein ganzes Jahr vor uns liegt - bis jetzt fühlt es sich noch wie eine Mischung aus Urlaub und Umzug an. Stay tuned....

01 - Mediterranean
HF Installation - Part I
20-May-2007, 3959'32"N, 941'37"E - St. Maria Navarrese

May 17-20: Spent a long weekend on the boat, installing the extension to the bow roller (to accomodate the new Rocna anchor) and installing the HF radio. As always, projects take longer than you originally expect them to but things worked out OK in the end. The bow roller now fits the anchor perfectly and even the holes for the "locking" bolt line up (a bit of a miracle given all the improvisation and guess work that went into determining the exact location of the holes in the new plates relative to the attachment points). Also got really lucky with the weather. Since I had to glue aluminum foil to the bottom of the cockpit locker as one half of our HF ground system (the wind-vane rudder post is the other one) and also needed access to the depths of the stern locker to get the cabeling to the antenna tuner I had all our gear piled up in the cockpit for three days. What a relief, when things could finally be stowed away again Sunday morning (down below was similar mayhem) and the boat started looking like a happy ship again. Found places for the HF main unit, the controller and the antenna tuner that didn't require too much "structural re-modelling". The (hopefully) only things left now are running antenna and control cable from the tuner to the main unit (a bit of a pain as we will have to completely empty and de-panel the quarter berth again...) and painting the little woodden encasing I built for the controller unit. Theoretically, we would also need a separate DSC antenna (ICOM installation manual is very unspecific about this) - but if my understanding is correct this 2nd antenna would only be required to maintain a permament DSC watch on the emergency frequencies across the bands - not an immediate priority and we can probably deal with that in Malta...

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