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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
Land in sight!!

We raised Antigua (or a land mass that we hope to be Antigua) at 0815 local this morning and will have English Harbour abeam in one hour with an ETA at Jolly Harbour, our destination here, at 1500 local today. Another good 24 hr run with 147 nm on the log finally saved us and we hope to make happy hour tonight!

02 - Atlantic Crossing
The Home Stretch (so we hope)!
11-Dec-2007, 17d 18m N 059d 51m W

After some favorable winds and keeping the "pedal to the metal" for the past 36 hrs we now hope to be in Antigua tomorrow (Wednesday) late afternoon. The final sprint is taking a bit of a toll on boat and crew especially with having had to hand steer in big and confused seas with the boat going 7+ knots. Doing a 3-hour shift of that at night leaves you somewhat jaded especially while it is hard to get decent sleep during the off-watch as the boat is tossed around in the waves. Anyway, Jolly Harbour in Antigua is now (111600DEC boat time =3D utc-4) only 130 nm away and we are sure looking forward to arrival after 26 days at sea! Next update from Antigua - stay tuned...

02 - Atlantic Crossing
What Tradewinds?
09-Dec-2007, 16d 56m N 054d 42m W

Did I say the trades are back a few days ago? Well that was short lived... after dealing with rain and thunder squalls all day yesterday (and actually making good progress) we were becalmed 14 hrs during last night. Now there is a gentle 10 knots of true wind from behind which only gets us about 4.5 kn of boat speed with ~420 nm to go to Antigua - and even the occasional squalls don't provide much of a push currently... hence our ETA now has slipped to Thursday morning. On the bright side, it is a sunny day and we had a mink whale (as correctly identified by Nicky) drifting right along side Namani for about 20 min this morning. Stay tuned - we will get there eventually...

02 - Atlantic Crossing

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