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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
Intracoastal Waterway & Arearea Re-union
11-Jun-2008, Off Belhaven, near mile 135 of the ICW

We covered our first stretch of the ICW today, from Beaufort to Belhaven - 70 miles down, 135 to go to Norfolk. This morning we had made radio contact with our friends from Arearea. More than a month after seeing them last in Puerto Rico we now have caught up with them again here in Belhaven and had a very nice re-union tonight - Nicky could hardly contain his excitement about seeing his buddy Dante again (the picture above shows him with Arearea's crew in Belhaven)! We now plan to move in tandem up to Norfolk.

The ICW defintely does have its own appeal. We're not keen to cover the full 1,000 miles of it anytime soon but the stretch we've seen today in North Carolina offers some very nice scenery and provides a somewhat different boating perspective. Stay tuned for further updates...

04 - Puerto Rico to Maine
Carolina on our mind...
09-Jun-2008, Beaufort Docks, North Carolina

We kept our options open until this morning 0630h (30 nm south of Beaufort) but then the latest weather forecast made us pull into Beaufort rather than continuing around Cape Hatteras (we would likely have encountered 15+ kn NE winds just north of the Cape, blowing against a still fast running Gulf Stream- apparently something you don't sail into for pleasure). So here we are, tied to the Town Dock at beautiful Beaufort - a very worthwhile place to visit with an interesting history.

On the way here we made our fastest passage to date with 500 nm in just 3 days (360 nm in the first 2 days - fast by Namani standards at least) - amazing what the Gulf Stream can do when you can ride it!

Since there likely won't be a weather window to sail around the eastern side of Cape Hatteras until next week we'll continue via the Intracoastal Waterway between here and Norfolk, VA. From there it's a relatively short 450 nm to Newport... we'll get there...

Going via the ICW wasn't in the original plan but may give us a chance to catch up with Arearea who were moored 5 hrs north of here this morning.

We realized today that we overlooked one crucial bit in our planning - the fact the Europameisterschaft (European Soccer Championship) is already on while we're still under way! Oh well... we'll just have to paint some part of the boat black-red-gold for the occasion...

04 - Puerto Rico to Maine
Sailing again!
07-Jun-2008, Under way towards Beaufort, NC

Slipped our mooring in Fort Pierce at high tide around noon today and had some very nice sailing so far...reached the Gulf Stream conveyor belt early last night with a few hours of 10 kn speed over ground... wind is dying now, so we're back to 6...7 kn SOG. Current position (0500 local time) is 29-25.6N 079-47.9W... all is well aboard.

04 - Puerto Rico to Maine

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