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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
Namani's Photos - Ionian Islands
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Frikes sunrise: Departing Ithaka at sunrise for Patras
Frikes pier: On the pier in Frikes/Ithaka
Ithaka channel 1: Testing our staysail
Cephallonia beach2: Even comes with a beach for Nicky...
Cephallonia swim to boat1: ...who swam all the way back to the boat!
Cephallonia anchorage1: A perfect little bay to ourselves
N Cephallonia 2: Sailing up the west coats of Cephallonia
Argostoli fuel trolley: Getting diesel - the Ionian way
sanding footboard2: NIcky sanding the new step for the helmsman
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