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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
Namani's Photos - To and in Lanzarote
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Pirat Nicky: Nicky sporting his pirate outfit (courtesy of Krabbelgrupps)
Rigging Repair: Last checks and repairs to the rigging
Ma antifouling: Putting on the 2nd coat
liftout Lanz: Namani being lifted out for new bottom paint
Papagayo: One of Lanzarote
central Lanz Ni: Nicky playing with lava (luckily cold)
Timanfaya camel NaNiMa: A camel ride across Lanzarote
arrive Lanz MaNiLaNa: Lunch after arriving in Puerto Calero
approach Lanz sunrise Ni: Nicky watching the sunrise on the morning of our landfall in Lanzarote
fish lunch: A very tasty fresh fish lunch
Laura dolphin watch: Watching out for dolphins en route
fish how to filet: Now - how do your filet this thing???
fish catch MaNiNaFi: A happy family with their catch
fish catch 2: SURPRISE - we actually caught something!
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