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Namani at Sea
The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani
Namani's Photos - US East Coast Southbound
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Vital signs along the Intracoastal Waterway
Nicky and mom on the Alligator River
Getting underway on the ICW in the morning
BBQ at ICW stopover
Re-bedding a leaky port hole in Hampton, VA
Nicky, doing his own Mercator projection on an orange peel
Sunrise on the Coan River, VA
The Parasailor flying!
Nicky on his new favorite spot on the foredeck (the Parasailor bag)
Moored in Annapolis
Moored in Annapolis II
Nicky up the mast
Phioebe and Nicky hoisting whales and monkeys up in the rigging
A weekend-sail out of Annapolis with Bonnie, Bill and Phoebe
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