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16 January 2013
Well, we're still here in Brunswick! The wind just keeps coming out of the south, the direction we're headed. All the weather models and the weather guru, Chris Parker, who we listen to on the HAM radio every morning say we get it out of the north on Friday, but it's gale force--no thank you! It looks like we may be able to leave on Saturday, but who knows! The good news about all this southerly wind is the temperature--upper 70s to low 80s!! At least we're getting Bahamas weather.

Other good things about the delay:

We've had more time to do provisioning in shorter not quite so heavy-laden trips with shorter stowing times.

I've enjoyed ZUMBA classes daily at a great studio I found here, Body By You, owned by Ronique Thomas. I'd be willing to bet that Ronique has the BEST, most infectious smile of any ZUMBA teacher anywhere! ZUMBA is FUN and a great work out! Claire went with me the first two times so I wasn't the only ballerina trying to fake it through the cool Latin dance moves, but then we had to put her on a plane back to Texas and Baylor.

It was hard to say good-bye; I miss her!

We've had more time to get to know Geoff, Linda and Nellie, going out to eat pizza with them and joining them at "The Confederate Station" for the monthly bluegrass/gospel/country music show that is held there.

It was great to hear the Scottish music that Linda shared during the open mic part of the evening. Geoff said that he kept looking at Mark and me and we had a smile on our faces the whole evening. There was a lot to put a smile on our faces not the least of which was a 93 year old man who kept getting up to dance a jig to songs that inspired him.

I also couldn't help smiling while I listened and watched the 12-year-old lead guitar and banjo player. He was truly a prodigy! He seemed so laid back, hardly even tapping his foot as he played, but his mouth worked just as much as his fingers as he played that banjo!

We've been blessed by attending College Place United Methodist Church again. I've been reading the Mitford Series by Jan Karon, and the pastor at College Place reminds me of Father Tim in these books. That's a good thing!

This doesn't really fit in the category of things that are GOOD about our delay, but I went up Nancy Lu's 65-foot mast to do a rig inspection today.
The setting was not as beautiful as the last time I did this in Maine, but it WAS just as thrilling.

I spent an extra long time at the second spreader due to Geoff stopping by and talking with Mark. Two sailors together always have A LOT to talk about. I wasn't bothered by the loss of Mark's attention; I used the extra time to take a bunch of pictures (I had the camera up there to record parts of the rigging for Mark to look at after I came down).

If Geoff and Mark had had their conversation while I was at the top of the mast, it would have been a different story. Those last 20 or so feet make a huge difference.
I did find a crack in the block through which the spinnaker halyard runs. It will need to be replaced, but it's not critical before we sail.

Hopefully, my next blog will include sailing tales instead of just marina tales!

Vessel Name: Nancy Lu
Vessel Make/Model: Hallberg-Rassy 43
Hailing Port: Tool, Texas
Crew: Mark, Kathy, and Timmy the boat dog
About: Mark: Captain; Kathy: Chief Cook and Bottle Washer; Timmy: Security and chief tail wagger
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