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Voyages of S/V NautiMoments
A Sailing Trip to the Caribbean and Other Destinations unknown.
A long walk!

We have enjoyed our time in Barra de Navidad, visiting friends, enjoying the pool at the marina complex and seeing the sights. Yesterday we decided to walk into Melaque, originally we were told it was about 2 to 2 ½ miles, it was a very long walk for sure, Ken thought it was around 5 miles by the time we got to Melaque, we found out later that it was about 3.25 miles but with our additional walking we figure we walked about 4 miles all told. Carole kept saying it was good exercise, not sure that Ken!
Once we got to Melaque which is quite a modern little town, not quite as rustic as some others we have visited, we found a great little Palapa and had a couple of drinks. Now it was time to find a place for lunch, as we were walking down the street our friends on Kyalami met up with some other cruisers, who were able to point us to a great little restaurant, again on the beach, pretty great view-- overlooking the bay and the boats anchored out. Peggy on Mambo was very helpful as she guided Candace and Carole around to show us where Super Hawaii (grocery store) was in addition to a great little butcher shop and vegetable tienda. Up until now we have not been able to find Kidney Beans, Baked Beans in tomato sauce and Tomato Paste, well, they have it in Super Hawaii, so we stocked up on those items while we were there. Also, if you want Tillamook cheese, Super Hawaii had that also. Did we walk back to Barra......nope! We took a taxi back to Barra, one way was enough of a walk and it was hot.
After we unloaded the groceries, we headed over to the marina to Kyalami so that we could enjoy a dip in the pool and have dinner with them. Thank you to our good friends for a great evening!

We have arrived at Barra de Navidad

We left Secret Anchorage otherwise know as Cuastecomate this morning around 9:15. Yesterday we enjoyed our time visiting with our friends on Full & By and Kyalami, Candace and I floated in these floaty chairs with a glass of wine in hand enjoying the beautiful weather. When we anchored we could see the bottom the water was that clear. In the afternoon it was time to go and snorkel near the reef where Ken and I saw several varieties of fish although the wind had picked up and it was not as clear as it could have been. Then later on it was time to put together a potluck dinner on our boat...a good time was had by all!
As we approached Barra de Navidad, we navigated the channel with caution as it does not have a great deal of depth. We finally arrived at the lagoon where we are now anchored. This afternoon we had a lovely time swimming in the pool at the marina/hotel complex as our friends were staying at the marina .... so we were their guests! Nice! Carole had a "Miami Vice" drink which was kind of a Pina Colada with Strawberries......pretty great! Ken just had his normal cerveza.l Tonight we will have dinner with a group of friends onshore in Barra and it is almost time to get ready for that.


We motored into Tenacatita as the wind was unfortunately on our nose the whole way down from Chemela. The sun was shining as we headed into the anchorage, the charts show us anchored on land......but we are actually in the water not on land. The charts are out by about 2 miles. We find the guide books to be very good and the weigh points are very helpful in knowing where to anchor and the location of rocks to be avoided.
We all had a leisurely dinner that evening with our friends on Kyalami, wow life is great!
Jan 20th was a day of venturing onshore. We set out in the dinghy up the estuary on our jungle excursion. there were many different types of birds, we saw a crocodile and lots of red crabs. It was fun! At the end of the dinghy trip we had a margarita at the palapa....the books are correct...great margarita! After the margarita we all needed a walk off the effect of the margarita before we tempted the surf to head back to our boat. Now we are ready to head back to the boat.......wait, wait, we are ready to take off to the boat....whoops, got a little wet as the wave hit us. All was good other than being wet.
That evening there was a dinghy raft up, where we shared appies and met other cruisers in the anchorage.
Ken and Carole sat out in the cockpit and enjoyed just sitting there looking at the shore and the stars. The only thing we forgot to take ashore with us today was the no pics of our trip ashore.
Today, Jan 21st, we will head to Secret anchorage along with Kyalami and join other friends on Kasasa and Full & By. Then we will head into Barra de Navidad on Sunday.

Left La Cruz

Time to leave La Cruz and head farther south, we left at 3pm along with our friends on Kyalami, first off we motored while making water, about an hour out we shut off the motor and sailed the rest of the way out and around Cabo Corrientes. What a great sail, we were doing 8knots or so....nice! NautiMoments was just flying. We navigated through Cabo Corrientes with no problem. Ken and I took turns on our overnight journey to Chemela arriving in the bay at 9:30am on the 17th. What a beautiful little bay, Norman, Candice, Ken and Carole went ashore after a sleep. After a couple of cervezas we headed back to the boat for dinner, we were hungry after our long walk along the beach. Tomorrow we will head to Tenecatita.

Enjoying La Cruz

As you know from the previous blog entry we went home for Christmas. We managed to fit in visits with our son and his girlfriend Roza, Carole's mum, Ken's sister and family, brothers and sisters and several of our friends (sorry to those we did not manage to see). It was cold up there; we have acclimatized to the warmer weather here. We had a great Christmas!
We flew in on New Year's eve and our friends Dick from Full & By and our friend Rick from Point Roberts picked us up at the airport...thanks so much guys! We managed to fit in a visit with Julie and Rick (Reverie from Point Roberts) while they were visiting Full & By. Fun was had by all. We said farewell to Full & By and Buena Vida along with Rick and Julie as they head to places farther south. We will miss them and look forward to meeting up as we head south in a week or so.
Our friends Bill and Bonny flew into Puerto Vallarta the day after we did, it is great to see them! We stayed with them for a couple of nights at their hotel downtown and they stayed with us for a couple of nights, it has been great fun. All four of us explored Old town Puerto Vallarta and had a blast, the market goes on and on and on forever and took several hours. Last Friday we took a tour to San Sebastian up in the mountains; it really is an old Mexican town from years ago. We highly recommend taking this tour. First off we stopped at an old Hacienda owned by the actor John Houston, next was a small coffee plantation where they grind their own coffee and sell to the public, after that we had lunch at a restaurant not far what a great meal (all part of the package). Friday was three Kings day so to our surprise and the bus drivers', they had a piñata for us to take a whack at and also had a special cake with small dolls inside, if you got a doll you had to put on a dinner on Feb 7th (at least I think that was the date). Then onto San Sebastian itself, it truly is a town from the past, we visited the jail, the church, the museum and a silver retail outlet, there are silver mines around San Sebastian. We were amazed with the trip already but there was more to come, on the way home we stopped at a Tequila tasting to be had, their Almond tequila tasted just like Amaretto, so needless to say we bought a bottle and so did Bill and Bonny.
On Monday January 9th, we headed out in the boat with Bill and Bonny, hoping to see whales and we did, they had several sighting of the whales broaching. Bonny had also wanted to see a Sea Turtle, which we had not seen yet and lo and behold there was a Sea Turtle with birds catching a ride on its back. This was an amazing boat trip for them. We tied to a mooring ball in Yolapa and went ashore, Bonny was able to find more treasures to take home to the family. We had planned on staying overnight but the swell picked up in the anchorage so we had to move on and return to La Cruz marina. This ended up being a night sail and Bonny was amazed at the moon and the stars that lit up the sea as we motored along. It was quiet and peaceful.
The next day we headed on the bus to Sayulita, a surfer town just north of La Cruz. We continue to be amazed at the little towns, it was fantastic, lots of restaurants, shops, people surfer in the ocean, it was a bustling little town. When we got back to the boat it was time for Bill and Bonny to return to their hotel downtown, we were sad to see them go. It has been a hectic week and a half since we returned from Vancouver.
Carole was not feeling well when we returned from Sayulita and it ended up that she had the flu, so she was pretty much laying low today. This a good time for Carole to update the blog for sure!

La Cruz Marina

At 6am we left the bay as it was light enough to see the long lines, there were a couple of them we had to motor around so as not to run over them and catch our prop. Carole was cleaning downstairs getting the boat ready for our trip back to Canada, when said "bring the camera" there are whales! They were flapping their dorsal fin and tail on the water and broaching, what a site, unfortunately neither Carole nor Ken got pictures of the whales. We also had more whales putting on a performance just as we passed the cape before La Cruz. Next time maybe! We arrived in La Cruz at 3:30pm and were moored right next to Optical Illusion (Bill and Janet). We were so glad to see that our friends on Full & By (Dick and Ann) were tied to the dock as we had been quite worried about them after they lost their engine.
Time to clean the rest of the boat inside and out and get it ready to leave for 2 weeks; lots to do. Ken took care of the outside and Carole took care of the inside and pack our bags. We managed to get everything done by late afternoon....whoohoo! We had a great dinner at the Black Forest with excellent entertainment, a couple on guitars and "Geo" one of the cruisers at La Cruz. We can go to sleep knowing that we are all ready for our flights tomorrow.
Dick and Ann offered to look after the boat while we are away, so they came over to go over a couple of things, all is good. Off to the bus stop just up the road and off to the airport, about a 1 hour drive. It will be nice to be home to visit family and friends for a couple of weeks.

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