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Voyages of S/V NautiMoments
A Sailing Trip to the Caribbean and Other Destinations unknown.
Zihuantanejo & Sailfest

We had finished cleaning the boat from top to bottom in Ixtapa marina and were now in the anchorage at Zihuantanejo for the beginning of Sailfest. We volunteered and keep our friend company and help out at the desk in town for a few hours one afternoon which was fun because you got to meet a lot of people. Sailfest is all about raising money for the indigenous children, in past years they have raised enough to build a school and now they are raising funds to help the children learn Spanish as they need this in order to attend a Mexican school. The second night we attended a concert which was more than we ever expected, the variety and talent of the participants was fantastic! On Wednesday they had the pursuit race, eight boats participated and we helped out on the committee boat, another great day in paradise. The next day it was time to wax the boat and finish cleaning the rest of the stainless before it gets all salty and dirty, this took us pretty much all day, luckily it was cooler weather with clouds overhead. Wow did it ever look nice. On Friday we participated in the sail parade, Sailfest sold tickets for people to come on the cruisers boats and sail/motor from Zihuantanejo bay to Ixtapa and back, we were lucky enough to have 3 Mexican women and 3 children and one American fellow from Zihuantanejo on our boat. We had a great time, Ken took the young boy and girl under his wing and showed them under close supervision how to steer the boat, the young boy was so quick to learn, that he knew which buttons to push to switch from Autopilot to standby just by watching. We all had a great time. Now it was time to wonder around town, we can see why people come here and stay here it is a great little town, they have built a core area that is very pedestrian friendly with lots of little shops. People here are so helpful and friendly. We said goodbye to our friends Ellen and Ian on Kasasa and wished them well on their journey back north for the summer. Thank you for the great dinner Ellen and Ian, we will miss you. Our good friends Gil back home has a sister living in Zihuantanejo, we were able to get in touch with Tracy and Frank and arranged to have Frank come with us on the boat when we head up to the marina for a last cleaning and wash before heading south. We headed into shore to pick up Frank along with friends of theirs, Paddy and Sandy (visiting from Penticton) and headed off to the marina, once we got to the marina we went over to Tracy and Franks condo and then lunch. Sunday evening Tracy was singing at the restaurant where we had planned to eat along the boardwalk at the marina. We had about 12 of us cruisers at the restaurant that night and everyone enjoyed Tracy and her band. We had a nice visit with Tracy, Frank, Paddy and Sandy at the restaurant. We spent yesterday provisioning and cleaning, phew got it all done just in time to have another visit with Tracy and Frank. We went to bed early last night as we knew we were leaving at 5am this morning. We are now on our way to Acapulco for a quick stop and then onto Huatulco. #

On our way to Zihuantanejo from Las Hadas

We are motoring along and are about 7 hrs away from our destination. We had a little over 1/2 moon last night which is great as it lights up the water and then it is not so dark. Ken and I took turns doing our 3 hr watches, Carole spent some of that time reading your e-reader while keeping a careful eye on the radar and the sea. It was great having a couple of buddy boats with us, just knowing someone else is close by makes the trip that much better, we had Mangereva and Gosling. The seas were fairly flat and not much wind so it was a pretty calm night.

Acapulco and trip to Hautulco

We arrived in Acapulco Feb 15th and left on Feb 17th in the afternoon as we needed to time it right so that we arrive in Huatulco in the morning on Feb 19th. We were pleasantly surprised with Acapulco, it was much different than either of us expected, and it is really quite a large city. We anchored in the bay near the Acapulco Yacht Club where they gave us a reciprocal due to our membership with Blue Water Cruising Association. This gave us access to the dinghy dock, the pool, showers, and the rest of the facilities. After organizing the boat, we all went ashore to enjoy the pool for the afternoon as it was hot and muggy. The pool was really nice, it had a couple of raised cement/tiled squares built into the pool where you could sit or lie down and still be in the water but not underneath it. We had a couple of drinks and then headed back to the boat to get food ready to take to our friend's boat, Gosling, for dinner that evening. Fran was talking to one of the people at the marina just before we headed back to the boat; she was able to arrange for the six of us (our friends on Gosling, their friends and ourselves) to have a tour of Acapulco the next day in a 7 passenger van. So the next day we met Jose at the entrance to the Yacht Club at 10am and off we went. It was a very full day, we stopped for a couple of photo opportunities overlooking Acapulco Bay and then our next stop was the Chapel of Peace which was right at the top of a hill overlooking the bay and the houses of the rich and famous. The chapel was amazing, the stonework, the design, the onyx windows, the garden, the very large cross and the statue of hands. A definite must for a visit. Next we went to the Fairmont Princess hotel and had a look around. The centre lobby was open which reminded us of the hotels in Thailand, there were stone modules throughout the lobby and if we could have been on the top floor and looked down we would have seen that they formed the Mayan calendar. The other side of the lobby was the multi level pool with stones, waterfalls and a rope bridge across it. This is where we saw 2 pink flamingosĀ....brilliant! On to our next stop which was to be the Silver Warehouse which was located downtown in a park, the warehouse is secured with huge metal gates which were opened for us when we arrived. Here they design and manufacture silver jewellery, first off we were shown through the area where they make the jewellery and he carefully explained the process to us, afterwards we entered the sales area. They had some beautiful jewellery at reasonable prices, Carole has been looking for a pendant for quite a while now but had not found what she wanted up until now, and she found a very nice pendant at this place. We needed to be at the cliff divers in 10 minutes so it was time to go, it would have been nice to spend more time looking at their jewellery here. Off to the cliff divers we go, we had heard that this show is spectacular and it was. We are hoping our pictures captured the event and will post them once we are in Hualtuco. They climb this high cliff and dive off the top into the inlet below which is not very wide and the waves and swells rush in and out of the inlet. Obviously it is all about the timing when the waves have subsided. We had an awesome view thanks to a young fellow who guided us to this great viewing location. At the end we got our picture taken with the divers, that is the ladies did. Next, we headed for the Fort which is called Fuerto de San Diego, the fort overlooks the cruise ship terminal. The Fort was full of history and the displays were very well done. The fort itself is in the shape of a pentagon-this we have not seen before. We are now nearing the end of our tour and want to do a quick shop at Sam's club, we decided to take advantage of the fact that we have a vehicle that will carry us and our shopping back to the marina. We arrived back at the marina 6 Ā½ hours later after a fulfilling day and at a very reasonable cost ($70 per couple approx. After having a shower at the Yacht Club we left Acapulco at 1:30pm, once we got a little farther out in the bay there was enough wind to sailĀ.....whohoo! We had the best sail we have had since we have been in Mexico, we sailed on a beam reach, anywhere from 6 - 7 knots, all the way through until 8pm that night. We motored through the night each of us taking our shifts, the moon rose around 4am but it was a small crescent shaped moon and the sky was full of stars. We wind came up around noon, it was time for a downwind sail, we sailed with just the main and maintained speeds of 6 to 6 Ā½ knots. We could have put out more sail but didn't because we don't want to go any faster as it would put us in Huatulco to early. As it is we will slow down a little more tonight. This has to be the best sailing we have had so far and we are looking forward to more. #

On our way to Zihuantanejo

We have had a wonderful time since our last post. Our first stop after leaving Barra de Navidad was a wonderful little anchorage just north of Manzanillo called Ensenada Carrizal. Here we met up with our friends on Full & By, Buena Vida and Kasasa, we were going to stay only one night but stayed 2 instead as it was such a great anchorage. Who says you can't water ski behind a dinghy? Julie, Dick, "Lawnboy" and Ian all took a turn at skiing behind our dinghy....good thing it has a 15 HP outboard, the water ski was actually Julie's surfboard. Everyone had a great time (see the pics and video on the blog). There was also great snorkeling in the bay, lots of colourful fish and coral. In the evenings we had potluck dinners on one of our boats and of course "Happy Hour".
Next we went to Santiago Bay, again another beautiful anchorage. The white sandy beach stretched for miles and was lined with Palapas, houses and hotels. The water was clear enough for us to make water in the bay. One thing about these anchorages is that on we beach the beach we walk for miles. There was a large market in Santiago, Carole was really good and did not buy anything....where would be put it on the boat!!
We then went onto Las Hadas, when we arrived here we felt like we were in the Mediterranean, our friends said it was like Spain. The bay was surrounded by white hotels and houses tucked into the hillside that rose out of the water. Further around the corner was a long sandy beach stretching into Santiago and Manzanillo.
Last night we had a farewell to the boats in the bay that were leaving, either heading north or south, thanks Ann for organizing the raft up at your boat. A great time was had by all. Once more it was difficult saying our goodbye to our friends Julie and Jeff and Dick and Ann, we will see Dick and Ann again when we are home in Canada and we hope to meet up with Julie and Jeff somewhere ... maybe even the Med??
This morning we pulled anchor and are now heading for Zihuantanejo, we are hoping to do this in "one" overnight but may stop along the way. At the most it will take us a couple of days and will likely not have internet until we get to "ZTown". We are buddy boating with Mangereva and Gosling.
The temperature is 80 degrees today and we are motoring along at 5.3 knots. The winds are 10 knots from the south, so it is time to go and set our sails, although we will likely have to motor sail to keep our speed up.

Difficulties of saying farewell to good friends along the way

Today it is time to move farther south to a pretty little anchorage called Ensenada Carrizal to join other good friends on Full & By and Buena Veda and Kasasa. We will travel with some or all of them to Manzanillo.
One thing that we find very difficult is saying goodbye to good friends that we have met along the way. It was hard when we left Mazatlan and said goodbye to our friends on August Moon, we still hope to meet up with them again as we travel south. I cannot forget Tarry a Bit also. Today we said goodbye to our friends Candace and Norman on Kyalami as they head north and eventually back to work. Thank you for the little plaque, we will always remember where it came from and stay in touch..!
In about a week or so, we will say goodbye to Dick and Anne on Full & By and Julie and Jeff on Buena Vida as they also start to head north again.
We feel so blessed to have been able to spend time with such great people and look forward to meeting up again in the future.

The seas are calm and the temp is 85 degrees today as we make our way down to Ensenada Carrizal.

A long walk!

We have enjoyed our time in Barra de Navidad, visiting friends, enjoying the pool at the marina complex and seeing the sights. Yesterday we decided to walk into Melaque, originally we were told it was about 2 to 2 Ā½ miles, it was a very long walk for sure, Ken thought it was around 5 miles by the time we got to Melaque, we found out later that it was about 3.25 miles but with our additional walking we figure we walked about 4 miles all told. Carole kept saying it was good exercise, not sure that Ken!
Once we got to Melaque which is quite a modern little town, not quite as rustic as some others we have visited, we found a great little Palapa and had a couple of drinks. Now it was time to find a place for lunch, as we were walking down the street our friends on Kyalami met up with some other cruisers, who were able to point us to a great little restaurant, again on the beach, pretty great view-- overlooking the bay and the boats anchored out. Peggy on Mambo was very helpful as she guided Candace and Carole around to show us where Super Hawaii (grocery store) was in addition to a great little butcher shop and vegetable tienda. Up until now we have not been able to find Kidney Beans, Baked Beans in tomato sauce and Tomato Paste, well, they have it in Super Hawaii, so we stocked up on those items while we were there. Also, if you want Tillamook cheese, Super Hawaii had that also. Did we walk back to Barra......nope! We took a taxi back to Barra, one way was enough of a walk and it was hot.
After we unloaded the groceries, we headed over to the marina to Kyalami so that we could enjoy a dip in the pool and have dinner with them. Thank you to our good friends for a great evening!

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