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Voyages of S/V NautiMoments
A Sailing Trip to the Caribbean and Other Destinations unknown.
Road trip to SanCristobol and Palenque

After that we rented a car and drove through San Cristobol and onto Palenque. Driving in Mexico is an adventure as the road we took was windy and steep over a mountain pass. We drove straight through to Palenque arriving at 10:00pm. Through some miracle, or straight BS luck, we found Margarita and Eds Hotel which is just outside the park where the Palenque ruins are located. This was a beautiful little place right in the jungle. At night we could hear Howler Monkeys and many birds and animals. The locals and visitors reminded us of a hippy community with young backpackers from all over the world. We ate a place right beside the Hotel called Don Muchos; a quick walk through the jungle. With great food and drinks, live music for dancing, fire dancing show and crafts for sale right in the middle of the jungle, this was a highlight.

Coffee Plantation and Mayan ruins in Tapachula

Chiapas has a new marina but because they had not turned on the power yet it was free. The price being right so we stayed there for 10 days. It is bloody hot but we will survive. The manager Enrique was fabulous. He drove us all over the place to check in and out, fuel runs, etc. From there we took a day tour to a Coffee plantation high up in the hills then to some Mayan ruins in Tapachula nearby. Wow, this is quite a process!

Crossing the Tehuantepec to Chiapas
03/22/2012, Chiapas

Well we finally are updating the blog; sorry for the delay, this cruising lifestyle is so busy with happy hours, cruising, boat chores, etc.
We had a great trip across the Tehuantepec. This is a large bay on the Pacific side at the bottom of Mexico. It is notorious for strong winds and large seas. You have to wait for a weather window to cross. On 3:00pm on Feb. 29 we left Hualtuco, then traveled along the coast to the 16deg N latitude, where we followed that across, then followed the coast down to Chiapas arriving on Mar.2.
At least we got to sail some of the trip with a 8-12knot wind on the beam. Here is our friends Jean-Guy and Fran on Gosling under full sail.

Marina Chague Huatulco

Back at the boat and time to do some boat chores and shop for fresh fruit and veggies, etc. Oh, and for Carole to get a hair cut....finally found a hairdresser that was recommended. Carole says it sure feels better.
The fruits and veggies at the markets here in Mexico are sooooo good! Ken worked on maintenance stuff, changed the oil and filters, fuel filter, washed the boat, fixed stuff that needed fixing, nice to keep on top of those items. Carole started some sewing projects, we now have sumbrella covers for the fuel tanks that are kept on deck, one off the checklist, next it will be the winch covers and grommets in our suncover for the boat. We have had a great time visiting and getting to know the other cruisers on the dock and it looks like we have a weather window to cross the Gulf of Tehuantepec and head for Chiapas, our last stop in Mexico. Some of us are heading out this afternoon and the rest are heading out tomorrow. The Gulf of Tehuantepec is notorious for it high winds, so you have to wait for them to subside for a few days, that window starts today and ends on Saturday evening. We should be arriving in Chiapas before dark on Friday. It looks like there are about 5 of us heading out today.

Trip to Oaxaca
02/24/2012, Marina Chiapas

After a day or so at Marina Chiapas, we decided to take a trip inland to Oaxaca (pronounced Wahacka). We left on the 10pm bus and slept all the way to Oaxaca, it was an 8 hour journey. We travelled with Fran and Jean-Guy on Gosling. Once we arrived we headed for the Hotel we had booked and dropped off our bags and then breakfast. Now that we have eaten it was time to walk around town and get our bearings and then in the afternoon we went to visit "Monte Alban" ruins. We first toured the small museum and then paid our entry fee, while heading towards the gate, a young fellow came up and offered his services as a tour guide, we all looked and one another and decided we would pay the 300 pesos which ended up being a great decision. He spoke very good English and explained the history of the ruins as he walked us through them. We were tired at the end of this and has a siesta in the afternoon. The next day we had booked a full day tour which took us to see a tree which had a huge trunk called "Tule Tree", then onto a rug making place. We have been looking for a rug for the boat for quite a while but have not found the right one so far, we lucked out and found the perfect rug for our boat at this place, it is a wool rug and we were able to talk to the people who made it which was brilliant! Now the driver tells us it is time for the "Mescal" tasting, which is Tequilla for all intensive purposes but they cannot call it that in this part of Mexico. The tour guide gave us the full tour from beginning to end of how they made Mescal and at the end told us we could have up to 30 tastings.....hmmmm, could be a problem for the rest of the tour??!! We really like the Almond flavoured one and the Passion Fruit one. The tour guide did a little ceremony when Ken bought the Almond one, he poured some in a bamboo drinking glass and said some words and then Ken drank it. Next stop were some more ruins in a place called "Mitla", the tour guide gave us a great tour of this place and provided us with lots of history, this one has a lot of inlaid stone design, amazing. It was now around 2pm and time for lunch, we stopped at a restaurant that had a buffet style lunch for 120 pesos each, some of the people on our tour tried the grasshoppers but it was not for Ken or Carole. The finally of this tour was a trip up the mountains to the "Petrified" falls, they are actually calcified from all of the minerals, but was a fantastic time we had, we paddled in the pools and took lots of pictures. The falls are not to be missed. We arrived back at the hotel very tired after a great day.
Friday was our last day in Oaxaca and that night we would catch a bus and again sleep all the way back to Huatulco. During the day we headed over to see the Museum of Culture, from the Museum we had a great view of the Botanical Gardens so we did not need to visit them, one more item off our list. The rest of the day we walked around town, had lunch and drinks and just enjoyed ourselves.


Just before we got to Huatulco we anchored in a little bay called Chachacual for about 4 hours, caught up on some sleep and had a nice lunch. The anchorage was very open and not great holding so we decided not to stay overnight and continued onto the marina at Huatulco. We arrived in the early afternoon and you would almost think all of the boats here are from Canada, Vancouver/Victoria area, seriously there are a lot of us here. Now we have to check on a land tour.

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