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S/V Navigo
We cannot change the wind, but we can adjust our sails.
New Friends=New Bowl
03/29/2012, Paradise

Just had to share my new bowl that our new friend and neighbor made for us yesterday. Jim from s/v Toothpick, (Jim and Ellen) made this bowl while sitting around visiting with friends. The bowl is made from a frond off a palm tree. He also makes hats which I have seen Jim wear around the dock.

We attended a dinner party yesterday hosted by another couple that we met through friends of ours Ellen and Ian s/v Kasasa. Andrew and Naomi live in a condo directly behind us at the marina but also have a Canadian registered boat named Amizade. We met another couple Bob and Judy s/v Lyon Around and two other gentlemen. We had a great dinner and a nice time meeting new people.

One more thing..... please send me your guess as to why someone would name their boat Toothpick? I will let you know the answer on Sunday night if no one was able to correctly guess.

04/01/2012 | Camanoe Steph
Dave had a couple of guesses to the toothpick question, but one of them wasn't suitable to print. Our guess is that the boat is made of wood and it keeps splintering into toothpick-like pieces. LOL We're probably way off.
04/01/2012 | camelia
Only one guess so far so I will extend the quiz until next Sunday. Let's have some fun with this and make a guess on the comment section. I will give you one's his former occupation. You are allowed more than one guess. So pleas bring them on!
Boat Tasks Never End Even in Paradise
03/16/2012, Neuvo Vallarta

I bet you all think that we had a lovely day in paradise. Well, yes we did however we did have to work for it until like 4:00 p.m.

This is how our day in paradise worked out today. Got up around 8:30 am, had coffee (Bob), then I got up around 9:00 am immediately started to help Bob measure and cut material to make covers for our fenders. After the cutting was all done, I started to prepare breakfast for us, home made hash browns, sliced tomato, fried smoked pork chops, fried eggs and orange juice. Bob continued to sew our first fender cover.

Breakfast ready to enjoy in the cockpit where it is nice and cool. Yum, yum! Then back to work. Bob continues sewing while I do the wash and dry dishes and help him in between. I covered some opening with window screen to stop any bugs from getting into the boat.

Melissa and Tyler arrive and visit us for an hour or so while Bob finishes up the last fender cover. Time to call Kevin my son, to wish him a Happy Birthday. We all sing Happy Birthday and wish him well on his 35th. Wow! Where does the time go when he was just a little guy.

Bob cleans up his mess from sewing, vacuuming threads on the floor and putting the sewing machine away. I start inspecting cupboards and organizing. You never know what you collect in the cupboards over a couple of months and it's good to know what you have in stock.

Bob in the mean time starts to sort through his clothes cupboard and discovers that many of the items he hasn't been wearing have managed to gather mold and smell all musty. In I come and empty the cupboard, wash it with vinegar and bleach to kill any mold that may be growing somewhere inside. Pile up all the clothes that will need to be washed and there is my next days job in paradise. Two or three loads of laundry to do tomorrow.

It's really hot now at 4:00 pm so we tidy things up, make a snake and a cold freshment, sit in the cockpit and relax for half an hour. Now it's time for a shower before dinner and our day is pretty much done.

Once dinner is done and dishes we will probably play some sequence or watch a movie and then hit the sack!

How did your day go today and what did you accomplish outside of Paradise?

03/21/2012 | Josie
Wow! We all agree that your write-up sounds absolutely heavenly! So glad that you are having a good time. Now ... for us... if it would stop with the hail and snow showers and freezing cold weather we would be very grateful! We've somehow switched climates between Western & Eastern Canada!
03/30/2012 | Josie
I can't remember ever seeing Bob with that much of a tan!
Believe It or Not!
03/16/2012, Banderas Bay

So there we are walking along a beautiful beach in front of the resort that Melissa & Tyler are staying at and guess what happens? There's Bob suddenly walking with a slight limp......and I ask, " What happened to you?" and he replies, "A bee just stung me on my baby toe!" Next thing you know I am once again playing nurse Nightingale and pull the stinger out of his toe with my bare fingernails.

I am starting to get a little worried about Bob as he is like a magnet when it comes to stings! There are signs throughout the marina warning of Crocodiles in the waters so I have advised Bob that he needs to be aware of what is going on around him when walking the dock and not to get too close to the edge. One never knows for sure what lurks in the waters just waiting for a good looking
He Man!

03/24/2012 | Camanoe Steph
Wow, what is Bob doing that's making all these animals sting him?!? ;-)
03/27/2012 | Wayne
Must be his magnetism
Living in Paradise
03/14/2012, Nuevo Vallarta

So here we are in Paradise............Village that is, in Nuevo Vallarta. It's actually a very large resort and marina with a very beautiful beach, pools, hot tubs, restaurants, night clubs, ping pong tables, golf course, etc. You name, it's all here. We have been here for 1 week and are happy to be out of the rolley anchorage out in Bandaras Bay.

It was time to get to a marina and clean the outside of the boat with some fresh water. It has been 2 months since we left the El Cid Marina in Mazatlan and you just wouldn't believe the amount of dirt and salt that collects on a boat. We spent 2 or 3 days just cleaning until it got too hot during the day to continue, so then we just had to stop and have a cold cerveza (beer) or 2 or 3 or as many as we needed cool down and rehydrate ourselves. We also did some exploring of the resort to which we have full access to and are very impressed with it all. Having a shopping mall close by, laundry facilities, ice cream parlor, Starbucks......everything right at our finger tips. There are also 2 Bengal tigers in cages near the hotel along with a cage of huge parrots. We took a bus to PV to do some shopping at Walmart one day which really isn't that bad of a ride, providing you are in an air conditioned bus.

My daughter Melissa and her boyfriend Tyler arrived on Saturday night to have some fun in the sun for a week. They are staying at a lovely resort about a 6 minute cab ride away. So for the last few days we have been hanging out with them for part of the day and then letting them have some time on their own.

On Sunday night we attended a Welcoming party put on by the hotel/marina. There was entertainment (dancing and singing), guest participation in a couple of games, information on the resort and local restaurants, free appetizers and free drinks. It was a nice time and this is done every Sunday night at 6:00 pm.

We are looking forward to being here for the next while and taking in some time for relaxation.

The Likes of La Cruz
03/08/2012, La Cruz

February 25th-Mar 6th 2012

We were anchored out in Banderas Bay for 11 days so we had the opportunity to get to know La Cruz a little better than some of the other places we have been to. Lots of people stay in La Cruz for a long time for several different reasons but mostly I believe it is because they enjoy how friendly the people of the town are, there is lots to do in this small town and one really gets the feel of Mexico here.

Today I will share with you our personal likes of La Cruz in no particular order:

We really enjoyed an outdoor restaurant called Ana Bananas. This is definitely a Gringo place, that is owned by an American. Although the menu is limited the food is fair and so are the prices. The highlight of Ana's is the rock band that places here every Monday night and has for the past 8 years. There are only 3 guys in the band 2 of which are Mexicans. The youngest being 23 yrs old and has been there since he was 15 years old. The are an awesome band and the dance floor is full when they start playing good old rock and roll from the 70's and later. The first Monday night we were there my hair was dripping from sweat because of dancing so many songs in a row. The lead guitar and drummer are especially good.

Eating Tacos on the street, don't know what the place is actually called. Let me explain a little more. David and Stephanie aka our cruising kids, found this authentic Mexican restaurant and assured Bob and I that we would have a great experience, at a great price with good tacos. The place doesn't start serving until 7:00 or 7:30 pm. That is when they put a couple of tables out on the street in front of their front yard and prepare to make you any one of their specialties of 4 different tacos or quesadillas, etc. Although they don't serve liquor you can go across the street to the store they own and purchase a nice cold beer of your liking. The night we went, it happened to be a family member or friends birthday so a band showed up: guitar, drums, tuba player. Next thing you know the music is playing and I am summoned to come up and dance............Stephanie agrees to come with me. So the party is on for a dance and a few laughs. We were the only 4 gringos, everyone else was Mexican and we were happy to be part of this celebration. Great tacos, friendly service and a true Mexican experience. Oh, the plates are cover with a clear plastic bag so that they don't have to wash dishes so the remove the bag when you are done and replace it with a new bag for the next customer. We saw this at a palapa we ate at in Matchensan Bay.

We really enjoyed the outdoor barbecue chicken from a little stand on the main road. Nothing like the garbage you get from Safeway, etc. For 87 pesos ($6.96 Cdn) you get:1 whole barbecue chicken, a couple of roasted jalepenos, some roast potatoes, rice and approx. 6 flour tortillas. This the best barbecues chicken we have ever had and it is not dried out folks. I think we stopped there about 5 or 6 times or pretty much every second day we were in La Cruz.

Another great place to eat "Mariscos y Desayunos Sea Food & Breakfast. We had the largest and most delicious prawns ever at this place. The service is fabulous, a friendly owner who came to share a few jokes with us, great margaritas and a good atmosphere in general. The prices are a bit high but worth every penny. They hosted a Saturday morning funder raiser breakfast for an after school local kids group that are in need of supplies like paper, books, pencils etc. Tickets were 75 pesos ($6.00 Cdn) and there were only 4 tickets left on the Thursday night were there with 3 other couples. So each couple purchased a ticket and we asked the owner to give the tickets to someone or a family who is in need. We had a great evening here with Russ/Doreen s/v August Moon, Maureen/Ted s/v Terry a Bit and Lynn/Debbie s/v Dolphin Tales.

We really enjoyed the Sunday market that is totally geared for the gringo tourist. There are wonderful authentic Mexican crafts, jewellery, clothes, shoes, flowers, paintings,baskets,etc. Along with many free items of food to sample, have lunch or purchase for home. The market was packed when we were there and apparently there are always different vendors each time.

Fisherman's Market located at Marina Riviera Nayarit, is a wonderful market open to the public with fresh fish, prawns and lobster caught by the local fishermen of La Cruz. You can watch the fishermen as they haul huge tuna from their boats and take them to the market to be weighed. Lots of the huge fish are packed into trucks that are loaded with ice and shipped off to who knows where. It is interesting to see all that goes on at the market with so many different stalls and vendors. The market is open 7 days a week.

There was a lot of clean up being done while we were in town as everyone is preparing for the Regata Copa Mexico 2012 Olympic Edition March 2 to 18/12. New sidewalks and roads are being made, hugh posters and flags all along the Malacon, heavy security with armed soldiers, marines and police throughout Marina Riviera Nayarit. Rumor has it that the Mexican president will be attending however the date and time is not being made public at this time. The J boats have all been launched and have been practising for the last several days. We happened to meet up with a Canadian couple we met a few years ago who used to race their Beneteau in many well known races and have since sold their Beneteau to replace it with a J boat. They are in the regatta so we will be cheering for Paladin.

The weather has been great sunny and warm.

We met up with some friends from back home.

Locals are very helpful and friendly

If I have forgotten anything I will add to my list and tomorrow I might share my Dislike list of La Cruz.

Oh, I must thank my girlfriend Darcy back home in Coquitlam for sending me an email to get my butt in gear to work on my blogging. Hugs to you.

03/13/2012 | Norm Cooper
Kia Ora! We enjoyed reading your thoughts on La Cruz. Brought back memories for us from last year. It is a great place. Where are you heading next?
Moving North
03/08/2012, Feb 20th to 25th 2012

Moving North
Feb 20 to 25 2012

As we make our way further north towards Mazatlan we have visited some of the same anchorages that we stayed at going south. Only this time we are travelling with Russ & Doreen on s/v August Moon. We haven't really seen anything new to report however we have been enjoying their company along the way. We visited Malaque again but this time we took a taxi from Barra to Malaque, as we really wanted Russ and Doreen to try the great burger we had at "Roosters" plus we did a little shopping.

Back in Tennacatita, the boys played bocci ball on the beach while the girls took a walk along the beach and then went to the palapa for a nice cool refreshment and a game of Mexican Dominos. The days have been sunny and warm so nothing to complain about.

One thing that is hard to get used to are the short days, it is dark by 7:00 pm and that never changes unless we change time zones which we will and then it will be dark by 6:00 pm. We are generally back at the boat by dark, then Bob and I fill our evenings playing Sequence or watching movies. Bob has really developed good strategies when playing sequence, which makes for a real exciting game, most of the time. Honestly he has gotten so good I can rarely beat him these past couple of weeks. Then we started playing with Russ and Doreen who are newbies to the game....boys against the girls. Lucky girls winning most of the time, until Russ and Bob further develop their skills and now we can't seem to beat them at all.

We went on the big boat to La Manzanilla which is on the other side of Bahia
Tennacatita with Russ and Doreen to get a few groceries, tour the town and had a lovely lunch at a great little restaurant. I may not have mentioned in my last report on La Manzanilla, that there is a fenced off section of town that has crocodiles. A chain link fence surounds the lagoon and prevents the crocs from wandering through town. However there is a large sign on the fence stating to keep small pets away from the fence. Really, it looks like the crocs could easily get under that fence with no problemo!

When we visited Chamela for the second time, it was time for Bob is get another 50 peso ($4.00 Cdn) hair cut like he did when we went south. A great little shop and so he brought Russ along to get in on the deal.

Next leg to La Cruz where we hope to meet up with more cruising buddies.

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