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The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS
The day after!
12/15/2010, Halifax NS - Living on the Dirt

I'm not sure why the host site seems to like my posts so much that it sometimes make one into two, but it does. I have been really very careful to not hit the post button twice and still, there they are! I can always delete the extra one but it is an extra step that I would rather not have to bother with.

We have been following the blogs of some of our friends who are in Florida aboard their boats and it certainly looks like the "Sunshine State" is going through another cold spell like they did last year, while we in the north are having some unseasonably warm weather - rain instead of snow and stuff like that. I sure hope that they don't have to suffer through the fish kill that they did last year, or rather that the fish don't have to go through it. It certainly looks like the Global Warming has sort of inverted the weather patterns. Why do people continue to listen to blowhards like Glenn Beck who insist that there is nothing happening? Stick your head out the window, Glenn, and everyone else please try to remember his criminally wrong diatribes when he is so often shown to be in error. Of course he would like you to forget when he is wrong so that everyone will continue to buy his books. I do try to not be judgemental in this blog but in his case it is too easy to make an exception.

Oh well, enough of that rant, now that I have offended the Beck fans and bored most of the rest of us who just don't care.

An interesting day at work not the least of which is that I found one of those dry bags that is cheap and just perfect to fit the drogues that I have made. My alternatives were old briefcases or laptop cases but these things are much better plus they're water proof.

Tomorrow I will be getting an x-ray of (hopefully) an empty place where the kidney stone used to be. Don't let anyone tell you that anaesthetics today can be turned on and off like a tap. Sure you can get up and walk away pretty quickly after the doctor says that's enough, but the effects are lingering. Even tonight, a day and a half after the procedure, I am still feeling the affects. I can't wait till I am more back to normal.

On the hard 2010-2011
12/15/2010 | Betty Baker
You are very lucky not to have snow. We have at least 4 feet so far and more coming tonight This is of course the snow belt up here in Ontario. Six days of it is enough, schools have been closed for the last three days. It will be a White Christmas for sure.
Holy doodles, what a couple of days!
12/14/2010, Halifax NS - Living on the Dirt

Monday the 13th...

Wet but not snowing, cold but not freezing and blowing a gale. O goodie! Just the sort of day that Peri and I like to go for walks.

At least I got my appointment for the lithotripsy tomorrow. I have to be at the urology ward by 0630 buffed and fluffed and ready for the happy juice. Poor Barb gets the thrill of driving me in an then picking me up to bring me home as the happy juice will be flowing and I am not allowed to drive or even walk apparently. If I don't blog or blog more nonsense than usual tomorrow, that will be why.

Today is a 1530-1930 day for me at work which is pretty much nothing going on. The store hours have been extended by an hour and a half to let folks do some Christmas shopping after work, but they don't seem to have gotten the message. So far we have had an average of 1 person per night coming into the store after six and today we raised the bar by one whole person. Wow!

Next day, the 14th...

Well, I have had my lithotripsy and I still say that if you have to have a procedure that is the one to have - happy juice and no big holes in your carcass. We had to get up at 0500 since the whole party was scheduled to get going at 0630 and I was back in the apartment by 0930. Hi, diddle diddle, have some kicks in the middle and toddling home we go... I then got to veg out to allow the anaesthetic time to ooze out of the system and to ogle the coffee filters that you have to pee through to see if there are any lumpy bits coming out. Fun, eh? The only thing more thrill a minute would be stool self examination. Ah well....! Gives me time for some blog babbling and I am under doctors orders to have lots of hot baths.

Nothing much else to blog about so I will cease the blog babbling and go back to bed, or the bath. Bed or bath? That is the question....

On the hard 2010-2011
12/14/2010 | jennifer
Well at least you can have a HOT BATH. Thats the only thing I miss about being on a boat. Enjoy recovery.
12/14/2010 | Ken Goodings
Double posting again? Must be those drugs. I betcher coffee filters don't get headaches.... ;-)
Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!
Mike stealing cookies
12/12/2010, Halifax NS - Living on the Dirt

I didn't post yesterday and the only excuse that I can offer is that I was working all day and we went almost straight from the store to the office party. At least that gives me something interesting to talk about today.

The business is expanding into an area that used to be occupied by a convenience store and as yet the space is empty so they decided to hold the Christmas function in the open area. We set up a bench table and some folding chairs, they provided an open bar and there was a boom box playing seasonal and non seasonal music and they ordered in some Chinese food for diner. Some folks brought in some homemade sweets and there was a table of hors d'oeuvers. I know that doesn't sound like much of a Christmas party but Barb and I really enjoyed it. It was nice to socialize with the folks that I work with and have a chance to introduce them to Barb. It was also nice to meet the wives of the two guys that own the business and I really appreciated the Chinese food. Usually at this time of year with all the office parties you have chowed down on so much turkey that by the time the big day comes I am heartily sick of it. So far this year we haven't had any, so on the 25th, the dinner with all the trimmings will be a real treat. The owners also gave everyone a gift certificate to one of the local grocery chains which with our retirement income will be most useful. Thanks, guys. One of the other staff also handed out cards with a lottery ticket each in it for the draw yesterday. I had a dream overnight that I was going to be handing him a cheque for a share of the winnings, but the dream lied. Rats! We're still not millionaires yet. Oh well.

Barb is taking today to finish off her Christmas baking so we can get the last package off to distant places. It will also be an opportunity for me to exercise my restraint and not raid the cooling racks for cookies. It's taking a lot outa me I can tell you. Christmas shortbread cookies! Gingerbread men! Sugar cookies! Candy brittle! Sob! They are all so good and all whispering, "Eat me! Sneak some of us! She'll never know.....!" And, of course, the Admiral knows me far too well so they are never left unguarded and when they are she leaves them saying things like, "There are 55 cookies there now and there had better be the same number when I get back!" Every time she does I count them myself just in case there are actually 56 and she miscounted, but she never does. One day there will actually only be 54 and then I'll get the blame. Come to think of it, since I'm going to get the blame anyway, maybe I'd better just sneak a cookie so I can get some benefit.

Oh oh! She was waiting for that. She's coming after me....!


C'mon, Babe! It was only one! Barb.

Put down that rolling pin! Right now! You hear me?!

Ouch! Ouch! Argh!

I'll never play the piano again. I hope you're satisfied!

I know I didn't play it but I was going to take lessons.

(Whimper, Whine)

As for me, I finally got busy and finished off the drogues that I have been working on. Making them isn't hard, but making than and taking pictures of doing it for the DIY brochure wasn't at all a simple task, but now it's done.

I am also going to cut this off here and head out for some Sunday shopping for presents.

Blog ya tomorrow...

On the hard 2010-2011
12/13/2010 | Ken Goodings
My first wife would kindly designate the "ugly" cookies/muffins etc for family consumption. The pretty stuff went out the front door. I do NOT recommend sabotage.

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