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The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS
Sunday!…Spring forward….and forward with the Cookbook too.
03/13/2011, Deltaville, VA

Today the clocks got set forward in honour of spring. I don't care that we get it back in the fall, I always feel that we have been cheated out of time that is rightfully ours. Oh well, I guess we can always curse Sir Sanford Fleming the guy that invented daylight savings time. At any rate, this morning I woke and bounded, well crawled, out of bed to take Peri for his morning walk. He too was moving a little stiffly for a bouncy little dog. I blame that on the fact that we took him out into the dog walk field yesterday and ran the little legs off him. I guess Barb and I are not the only ones who need more exercise.

Last night my sweetie made us home made pizza (slurp) (burp) which we gobbled down while watching some tube. It was definitely yummy but I wish there was some way that we could get a home made thin crust for pizzas done at home. The dough crusts are really good but it fills you up awfully fast.

This morning we went back to the café to do the uploads. I am trying two different approaches to solve the numbering problem: 1. I have forced Word to number each section with the first starting at page 1 the second at page 94, etc. Then we will ask for a print ready copy to see what happens. If that isn't perfect I have also managed to recreate a whole file, ie all the document together and I'll upload it and get lulu to do the whole thing. Barb is really keen on getting some copies here to the marina by Friday so we can have them for sale when I do the presentation for spring outfitting that they are having speakers in for. Keep your fingers crossed. As I was saying, this was another morning in the café to get this done. Thing is, the files are so large that I spend a lot of time watching the percentage figures and reading a book. Again, very little gets done on the boat. We are trying to do some concurrent activity with Barb out grocery shopping while I work on the computer, and we did get to do some boat jobs in the afternoon. Just not as many as I wished and we will be getting nothing done tomorrow ourselves since that is the day that the final work should be done on the new engine.

The files did go up fine and I made a print ready copy. Then when I went in for a fast proof read I discovered an extra blank page in the middle of the document that I hadn't caught originally. So, rather than just accepting that as a small price to pay, etc. I decided to fix it and being in a rush I went in and deleted that section of the original project in order to reload that section again. Trouble is I deleted the wrong section. My Dad used to say "Less haste more speed!" and every once in a while I re-learn how smart a fellow he is. This is one of those occasions. So I slowed down; took a few calming breaths; in through the nose and out through the mouth; went to my mental happy place and thought things through. Then we came back to the boat and repaired the damage, uploaded the corrected segment and called for another print ready copy. This time all went well and we are good to go. Thanks for my sanity, Dad. We have ordered a half dozen of the books and are hoping that they will arrive at the marina in time for the seminar. If they don't we'll have some to sell en route.

It's really interesting the type of people that are out boating down here. There are way, way more than we have at home and I would say that the average level of experience is really erratic. There are a lot of folks that have a lot of water under their keels and some who only go out in the bay for a day sail or to fish. While sitting in the café I was listening to different people talking about their experiences. There are so many more folks down here in the US that are really into boating. Many more so than in Canada and it's not just a factor of population. I have to assume that a lot of it has to do with the available sailing venues - Long Island Sound, the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays, all of Florida and the Keys, and the Gulf of Mexico all of which provide superb conditions for boaters and encourage participation. You could easily spend a summer gunkholing around in the Chesapeake alone. Small wonder that so many people are into the sport here whether it be sailing or power boating or fishing. That latter is really a big thing here.

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03/13/2011 | Pat
Would love to get a couple of copies of your cookbook when they are done. Just let me know where to send the $$ for books and the cost of postage as well. I think it is great that you put together the recipes. I am not the best cook - so I need all the help I can get!
Saturday!…More laundry, plus…..
Mike - a whole lot FRUSTRATED!
03/12/2011, Deltaville, VA

Last night we discovered that our daughter and her sweetie have just added to their family - a golden retriever puppy that they have named REX, capital letters and all. Original, eh? It's short for Tyrannosaurus Rex because the youngest man in the house likes dinosaurs. But she, our daughter, loves goldies and from her description of him and the photos he seems like a real goodie goldie. He is even a stairs dog!

Today dawned bright and sunny and we went into the café in town to upload the edited files for the cookbook. A clean wifi connection coupled with coffee and muffins was a very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours this morning. It was fun listening to the locals chatting with the staff especially about cappuccino and mocha coffees, things that we might call designer coffees but they refer to as sissy coffees. Even after calling them that they still order them up and toddle off out the door with them. We got all the files uploaded and asked for a print ready copy.

Then it was off to Gloucester for the laundry again. A pleasant, albeit short drive and clean clothes at the end of it. 'Nuff said, yes? On our drive we were musing on the folks that we know who are participating in the same dream that we find ourselves in. Some are successful and some are not and for some the "dream" becomes the final straw and a breakup occurs. I am more and more beginning to believe that the secret, in addition to a strong level of compatibility, is flexibility. The successful couples seem to be the ones that can put the dream on hold for a bit while something important is attended to, as we did for medical reasons. We know people that take a "break" to go out on contract to make some money to feed the cruising kitty and maintain their sanity and we know others who take a job ashore for family reasons and still others who do the same just because. The secret is that both parties need to understand that they both are sensitive to the needs and dreams of the other and that they will contribute to the best of their ability. But by the same token they need to be comfortable that if something happens that says "A break is needed!" their partner won't sail off over the horizon without them.

Upon our return to the boat, the print ready file was done and we downloaded a review copy for us to check, and of course, we found a few errors, which didn't seem too bad until Barb noticed that each of the sections renumbered themselves in the document starting at page 1. I had thought to get back to work on the boat projects this afternoon but it now appears that I will still be working on trying to figure out how to overcome that little hiccup. I am hoping that it could be as easy as getting Word to start the page numbering at each section where it should continue from the previous but at this point only an experiment will tell. My concern is that Word will put in numbers but so will Lulu.

I am frustrated to say the least. If I can't fix it any future tomes will be less than the 300Mbytes since that seems to be where Word starts to writhe.

11-12 Cruise
03/12/2011 | jennifer
thought for a moment you were going to say your daughter was expecting. I hear many grandmothers jump ship at that point to be around to grandparent. Doubt Barb would bail for Rex but another Grandchild.
03/13/2011 | Lynn
We know lots of "grammas" that make sure they get home to see their babies, but keep cruising. It is very interesting to see the different chemistries with cruising couples. We are lucky, we both want to do this and have very similar feelings about most of the important things. More importantly, Barb and Mike, get some of that great Deltaville Coffee Company Coffee to take with you. Still some of the best coffee we have ever had!
Egad! Friday. Again!…
03/11/2011, Deltaville, VA

How time flies when you are spending money, eh? Whether it's your own or someone else's. Ah well.

We have discovered that we yap too much on text on the cell phone. We had though that would be a lot cheaper than phoning and it is but we had only applied for 250 messages and we are already at over 500 so we will up that to the 5000 plan at an additional $15/month. Cheap money to be able to stay in touch with the family. I just wish I could convince my Mom and Dad to come into the technical age. But I guess it's too much to expect old doggies to learn new tricks especially as I have been after them for years as has Mom's brother and his wife, both of whom use their computer regularly. I guess my parents are the sort who loves to live in the past.

'Twas another wild night again last night only the wind was coming from a different direction. I had left the fenders and lines in place from the last blow so I felt a lot more comfortable. One thing that the marina told us about tides here was that the wind has more affect than gravity and I can see that yesterday evening. The water is almost up to the dock and it was a significant step down to get off the boat. Not so bad for me but with Barb's knees she wasn't having much fun. Yours truly got to be a step stool. The after the sun went down so did the rain and I mean it came down in absolute torrents. I couldn't see more than 50' from the companionway! We were warm and dry tucked away in our snug little cabin but the sound of the rain on the metal dock roof just feet away and on our cabin itself almost drowned out the TV we were trying to watch.

Other than that, today has been a long and bewildering day. When the sun was out it was quite pleasant, but when it wasn't it sure cooled down quickly. Brrrr! We had the heater going pretty much all day, both to warm us up and to dry everything out after last night's deluge.

The new owners of the brand new Catalina 30 that has been tied up ahead of us on the service dock showed up for the commissioning. It's a beautiful looking boat and I'm sure that they'll get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Lew and the staff here at the marina sure did very well by both the new owners and the manufacturer as he and his mechanics went over the boat from stem to stern checking and adjusting everything prior to their arrival. If there was anything wrong with it I am sure it would have been fixed prior to the new owners even laying eyes on her. Their intro to their new boat was fun to watch when they weren't looking.

I also spent most of the day working at getting the cookbook back into shape and back with the publisher. Thanks again to everyone for your advice. The combination solution that I am using seems to be working, at least so far. The one large document is now divided into three separate sections, all of which seem to be making the old laptop and Word much happier. Barb spent the day doing more sorting and cleaning out the BBQ so that we will be having steaks on the Q for dinner this evening. I think I will be wearing sweaters to do the cooking in though.

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03/11/2011 | Felicity
Our high tech answer to low tech parents is to use Skype to dial a regular phone. There is a minimal charge but you can buy $10 at a time for example. I understand Google is offering the same service for free but is still flaky. Definitely helps with the peace of mind on both sides.
03/12/2011 | Ken and Lynn
Hi Mike:
SKYPE now has a text messaging utility to loved one's (and others) cellphones called SMS. After sending a SMS just now to England I noted that it cost me $0.113 CAN
A 160 character SKYPE SMS to a Canadian cellular is $0.123

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