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29 April 2017 | Indiantown Marina workyard, Florida
29 April 2017 | Indiantown on the hard
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Finally. A post from Barb

29 April 2017 | Indiantown Marina workyard, Florida
Third time's the charm, I hope.
I sat down in the cockpit yesterday in time to enjoy the sunset with my iPad in hand and the intention of capturing my thoughts; at least the ones that are fit to share with folks. I had my words ready to submit, pressed "Post" and splat, I was told that there was a connection error. Undeterred, I logged in to Sailblogs again, prepared my write-up, pressed "Post" and the same thing happened. At about this time the mosquitoes had descended so I decided that I would chuck it for the evening.
So, tonight the retired IT manager who should have known better yesterday, decided to write the post in the Notes app FIRST, save it and then copy and paste it into Sailblogs - DUH, eh?
So, it has been a tough few days from my perspective. More good than bad but still tough.
The marina here is professionally run and staffed by friendly and helpful folks. Our dear old Nelleke was waiting for us propped up securely on many jack stands in the work yard - waiting for us to get busy and make her ready for launch.

After Mike heaved the sails and folding bike up onto the deck he got working on sanding and prepping the hull for a new coat of bottom paint whole I got started on putting the things we brought down on two driving trips and unceremoniously dumped in the salon away where they should be. It has been in the 90s and very humid so we have both been bathed in sweat and streaked with dirt during the days. For me, cleaning the interior has been a challenge and will continue to be so until we are launched and have our pressure water system up and running. You would be surprised what headway you can make with a ShopVac, paper towel, spray Chlorox, and elbow grease. I have to give a product recommendation - some time ago I was chatting with Maeve Wilson from Cruising Solutions, and our Shelburne, NS, neighbour, about what she recommended to use on the boat prior to laying her up on the hard. She suggested a mold and mildew deterrent called "concrobium" and I must say that it is the best we have tried yet. There was only one small area of mildew
on the whole boat - between two doors that had been propped open together and there was very little opportunity for air circulation between them. There was however a thin layer of grit on every surface of the boat that crept in over two sailing seasons. The interior is now in pretty decent shape (until I have running water) and today I started on the top sides.
Mike has already mentioned the mud-dauber wasp nests - we are still finding them - very industrious little beasts with a knack for finding "interesting" places for their nests. Thankfully they have all been vacant so far. There were three on the top track for the sliding door into our forward head, a big one in the forward head on the ceiling, on bookshelves, in the cockpit lazarette on the starboard side (haven't checked the port side or the propane locker yet). There was a huge one that was on both sides of the chain locker hatch. And my personal favourite was one nestled between two wooden spoons that were on a shelf in the galley. On our two trips down here since she has been on the hard we did not notice any so the wasps have had a busy time over the last month or so. I was wondering, while scrubbing today, where else they might be - we will have to check all of the boat intakes and drains before we set off.
We were chatting with a fellow Canadian today waiting for his haul out and he recommended stuffing something in every possible opening before leaving the boat up on the hard - if we ever do this again in warm climes we will do just that.

I have had a few other wildlife encounters while cleaning. I found two very desiccated little lizards - one was on the galley counter and about 1.5 inches long. The other, equally desiccated was in the aft head in the shower. It was about two inches long. There was also the remnants of a tiny egg, about the size of your pinky nail, on the galley counter - perhaps the egg from from which lizard number one emerged?
On a happier note we rescued a tree frog this morning. I took the tarp off the top of our dingy - the dingy was stored upside down on the cabin roof - and the little frog was blinking up at me, sitting in a little pool of water - I don't know which one of us was more startled. I scurried down into the galley to get a mug and coaxed the frog into it, covered the mug with one hand and went to the ladder and called for Mike's assistance. I didn't think I could climb down the ladder safely while trying to keep the frog in the mug. Mike reached up and grabbed the mug and transferred the frog to a leafy area under some palm trees - hope the little guy survived the experience.

I was expecting to get some boat sewing done while we are waiting for our launch - the salon and galley curtains are showing the effects of brutal Florida and Abacos sunshine and need replacing. We blew out a zipper when we were putting the bimini back on. Our old sewing machine is here but guess where my carefully packed box of cones of UV thread and tools is - on my workshop table in Shelburne - another brilliant move.

We have been grateful for a number of things - hot free showers at the marina, clean laundry facilities and that we have an air conditioned car rental to take breaks in and to go shopping in - it has provided much relief for the Notherners as we gradually become accustomed to Indiantown weather conditions. I hope we sleep better tonight. We took a page out of the book of our neighbour in the boatyard and zoomed off to Stuart to Walmart to buy one of those large square floor fans. It is propped up in the companionway hatch and is doing a good job of moving around the superheated air. I think the majority of the staff in the Walmart Supercentre are over 70 - at least that's what it looked like on the two occasions we shopped there on this trip - I wonder if they have to work to get by or they are working to have an outside interest.

We have treated ourselves to a few dinners at restaurants and the rest of our meals have been purchased salads from Publix. We won't have use of the galley stove or refrigeration until we get our new boat batteries on Monday. I sure will be glad when we are a floating boat again and can get in the swing of things and are making our way home to Shelburne. I suppose I'll be complaining about how cold it is at sea once we get going, LOL - never happy with the weather - it gives Maritimers something to talk about if nothing else.

I am having knitting withdrawal. Those who know me know that it is one of my passions - one of my knitterly friends has been at a Knitters Frolic in Toronto this weekend and I am positively green with envy. I miss my friends at the Fibre group at Art Studio 138 on Wednesdays too. We have been totally occupied during the days and by the time we settle for the evening I have been too knackered and brain-dead to even think about following the pattern for the project I have packed for the trip. It will have to wait.

It is a hard transition for us to be on the boat without Perrywinkle, our security officer and official greeter. I found one of his bowls in a galley cupboard and had a good weep. His loss has left a huge hole in our lives. That said, this time we are having on the hard would not have been an enjoyable one for him but he sure enjoyed our trips on the water.

Enough from me for now - I wanted you to know that The Admiral that Mike keeps referring to is not a figment of his fertile imagination. Mike needs to thank his lucky stars that the person he married almost 39 years ago is not a princess, doesn't demand an air conditioned hotel and is not opposed to getting sweaty and dirty while we work on common projects as DIY'ers.

The photo with this entry is of last night's sunset. It looked like the sky was on fire.

Evening post at the end of the day

29 April 2017 | Indiantown on the hard
Mike/standing in front of the fan
Just finished watching a video posted on FB by our daughter at a bachelorette party for one of her really good friends, getting the bride to put on a thong made out of candy (over her clothes...) and other memorable items like that. We send good wishes to Vic and all of the ladies at the party.

Down to serious matters.

We got our primer and put the first coat on the patch spots. We also got to visit one of our first boat buds from Connecticut who is now living down in Florida. Hopefully we will see them again tomorrow at the Farmers Market in Stuart.

We also succcumbed to the pressures of the heat and the low low Wally-mart price for a big fan to push some air down through the cabin.

I never thought that I would say this, but when we were driving home from the store I looked at the outside temperature readout on the dash and said, "Yippie! It's down to 82 degrees!" I guess it's all a matter of degree, eh?

Here I go again. Somebody STOP me!

28 April 2017 | Indiantown FL
Mike/ what else? Sunny and warm!
I can't help it. The previous post was submitted over breakfast coffee which might account for the number of typos but it also didn't explain all that happened during the day.

As posted I did sand down the hull with our brand new, apparently no name, drywall sander that I bought through Amazon.com. It worked a treat and we were done about 1400 but then something make me take out my trusty handy dandy paint scraper and before you could say, "where'd it all go" I had several big patches scraped down to the gel coat. The odd thing was that the paint was flaking of only on one side which I have attributed to the fact that that side was facing south east for two years and got the benefit of all the sun and with the hot days and cooler nights the paint was dried and ready for flaking. Just one more reason for not abandoning a boat in Florida for too long.

At any rate, since we were down to gel coat that means we need primer again and it was quite the adventure to find someone that sells Americoat here in America.....go figure!? We did find someone in Fort Lauderdale to tomorrow we have an early morning road trip to get a can. This all means that we have set back our launch date by a day until Friday or a week from today. Sigh. I do know better. I just don't remember to know better.

On the plus side, I think we are slowly getting used to the heat. Thank heavens!
Vessel Name: Nelleke
Vessel Make/Model: Moody 42 PH Ketch
Hailing Port: SHYC, Shelburne, Nova Scotia and RNSYS Halifax
Crew: Mike and Barb
Mike is a retired Candian Forces Army officer who has been dreaming of the cruising lifestyle and visiting new and distant places for years. We started in 2008 with a real shakedown trip to the Gulf of Mexico by way of the ICW. [...]
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