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The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS
Back at 'er
02/20/2012, Shelburne NS

Monday again!

Boy this past weekend was a real rush. Barb and I put an extra shot of high octane in the tank and managed to get the kitchen "done", or at least our part of it, in time for the new cabinets to arrive today along with the professional carpenters to install them. It looks like it will all be completed now before herself heads off to Halifax for her slice and dice. My only breaks on Saturday and Sunday were when we got to take the four legged tyrant out for his poop-ambulation.

I did notice on one of Peri's walks that there does seem to be more than our share of the pigeon population abiding here in Shelburne. They all seem to love on the roof of the Cooper's barn down on dock street, I suspect because many of the retired folks in the area come down each day to dump out crumbs from their breadbox and feed them. This has led to some of the flying rats managing to survive who might otherwise have succumbed to starvation or been caught by something as they took risks to get fed. I saw one of them on Saturday. There he was fluttering away up to the rooftop - flutter flutter flutter - bang. He was watching me and flew into the roof. He skittered down the slope and fell off managing to catch himself in mid air and flew up to try again. I was laughing by that time and it distracted him again and - boink - into one of the eves he flies. This must be one of Darwin's failures. He gets enough chow from the bread crumb offerings that he manages to keep from starving to death and never leaves the down town area so he doesn't get confronted by hawks or owls. All he has to do is stay away from feral cats.

Hiatus on the Hard 2011-?
Busy Busy Busy! No time for the weary!
02/16/2012, Shelburne NS

If you haven't done so yet please go to the Photo Gallery and look down through the subfolders as follows Our House at 140 Water Street - In Progress - Kitchen Renovations, and you can see what we are doing on the kitchen.

Truth be told, with our hectic social schedule plus my after work meetings the work done has been limited almost exclusively to Barb's efforts. I am expecting to get stuck in again tomorrow evening and over the weekend. The plan is to have the floor completely done and the walls back together by Monday so we can take delivery of the cabinets and the carpenter can begin the install. I'd like to get as much done as possible before Barb heads off for her surgery on the 29th which is two weeks away from yesterday.

I have ordered some 2" thick lumber from a local sawmill and that will be the critical path to completion as they have selected the tree and will be cutting and milling it to specs. As we will be using it right away we will have to seal the wood quickly so it won't begin to dry out unevenly and warp. In fact, the ideal situation will be to torgue it down to the cabinets to get it to hold its shape. We are looking at 32" wide counters that are 2" thick with weatherproof epoxy at the corners and where the edges abut each other. In the end we will have 20'x32" of chopping board with a 90 degree bend in the middle!

For a while there the other night we thought that we might have gotten our wish for a house ghost which our place has been sadly lacking. For a place that is 140+ years old you'd think that there would be something that would have happened that would have produced a restless spirit of some sort, but no. Nothing. Nyada. Ziltch. Until last night. At about 2 in the morning Barb and I were both startled awake with a loud rattle and a bang followed by another rattle. We lay away for a while looking at each other and whispering, what was that? did you hear it too? are you going to get up to check? the last being delivered to me from herself just before I fell back to sleep again. We were quite excited when at first we couldn't find anything that would have made the sound naturally. At last, the spirit in the house was making itself manifest. But then Barb found the passageway covering had dislodged and fallen into the back stairway making the noise. Drat! How disappointing! So, our house is still in need of a resident ghost. Put out the word would you all. No pay but nice surroundings and a family who will appreciate them.

Oh, one more thing. I got a note from RNSYS, our club in Halifax. Apparently they have added some security that requires a pass card to get in the gate. I have to check to ensure that they have our new address out here so they can get our card to the right place.

Hiatus on the Hard 2011-?
The dirt based kitchen update
Barb - mild and sunny day - yippee
02/15/2012, Shelburne, NS

Time for an update and more pictures of the kitchen.

As Mike mentioned we spent Valentine's day evening quietly with a bottle of decent wine and had supper in the den - paper plates on our laps due to the wreckage in the kitchen and the dining room table is loaded with the dishes unloaded form the kitchen cabinets. I did manage to pull together fettuccine Alfredo with lobster. I was looking back in photos from 12 months ago and saw that this time last year we were just about 100% back in storage - my vase of Valentine's Day flowers was perched on a packing box in the apartment. I also saw the photos from Feb 28th last year of poor old Nelleke having her engine removed - seems so long ago yet it was only one year.

The electrician and his partner were in on Monday to rewire the kitchen and two discoveries of theirs have led us to add another step to the kitchen reno. In one area they found evidence of an old leak in the wall that caused the insulation to perish. On another wall they found eelgrass insulation - in the fifties there was a factory in Sable River (a community near here) that made insulation batts by sandwiching eelgrass between sheets of brown paper. Based on this we decided to do it right and pull off the old wall board and remove the insulation and start over with modern materials. After I returned from ordering the materials at TimbrMart I got down to the job. What a !@#$ mess but it is fun taking a hammer and prybar to things... In one spot I was working I uncovered a 4 inch nail propped with the nail head in a crack between two boards - just hanging there being held in place by insulation - heavens knows how it came to be there. Weird.

I should be able to complete the tear out tomorrow and get it cleaned up so that Mike and I can get at the rebuild in the evening.

I have added a few pictures of the floor (Mike is doing a great job) and a few of the wall teardown.

Hiatus on the Hard 2011-?

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