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Finally in Valdivia, Chile
06/03/2008, 39 51.0'S:73 19.0'W, Valdivia, Chile

After a great 4 days on Easter Island, and a 6 hour flight back to Santiago, I had 1 day to pack up all my stuff and take the 10 hour bus to Valdivia on May 31.

I was picked up at the terminal by Alex Wopper, the owner of Alwoplast, the company building the Chris White designed "Atlantic" 57' foot catamaran named "Espiritu Sante" (ES for short).

Dale arrived 3 hours later from Philadelphia.

We got to Alwoplast on a cold (almost winter here) dark, rainy and foggy night to see ES sitting at the dock all lit up by floodlights. She looked fabulous.

There is still about a week of work still to be done...sails to come, lines to be threaded, cabinetry details to be finished, and finally the testing of all the systems - navigation, radar, sail, engines, water maker, fridge and freezer, and once the sails are installed, we take ES out for her first test sail.

Dale and I expect to be enroute to San Diego, California some time mid June.

Easter Island(Sailboat delayed..again!)

Hi from Easter Island (it has the most remote airport on the earth!).

The sailboat has been delayed again. I now must be in Valdivia, Chile on May 31, so I decided to visit Easter Island....4,000 km NW of Santiago, and 4,000 km SE of Tahiti....a 6 hour flight from Santiago...this puts it right in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean.

This is the island with those incredible moais (huge ancient stone statues), that no one can figure out how they were moved from the quarry to positions all over the Island.

Although EI is a part of Chile, the culture resembles more that of French Polynesia (Tahiti, Marquesas, etc.).

06/10/2008 | CK
Hey Ness, did you get lucky after we left you alone on Easter Island?
Pachamama Tour...cont.
05/19/2008, Santiago

The 10 days (4,200 kms) just flew by so fast....desert travel for 1,000's of kms, sculpters in the middle of the desert, salt flats, pink flamingos, foxes, owls, sand boarding (exactly like snow boarding, but on sand dunes), swimming (in oasises) mountain biking, and horseback riding.....whew....I'm tired just writing this!

I'll be posting some pics in a few days.

Tomorrow, my Birthday, our wine rep. from Wildfire Steakhouse and Winebar, set up a VIP tour for me at the Torres Winery 90 minutes south of here.

I also planned to be in Valdivia on the 21st, but because of the bad rainy weather there, there is another delay. So now I'm scheduled to be there on the 25th.

This is good, because now I'll have time for a side trip for 2-3 days to Mendoza, Argentina.

Pachamama Tour to Northern Chile
05/13/2008, Antafogasta, Chile

Im now at the end of day 4 in my 10 day tour of northern Chile. Less than a few hundred km. north of Santiago, we hit the desert. Most areas had no rain in over 50 years - nothing but sand and rock, but its actually quite beautiful.

A refreshing stop was a 3 hour boat ride at the "National Reserve Pinguino de Humbolt", formed by 3 islands. Here we saw dolphins and penguins

Antafogasta, is a large moderm and bustling city in the middle of hundreds of kms. of desert.

Im travelling with a gang of 9 others - 4 Brits, 1 German, 1 Irish, and 2 Dutch.

Stay tuned.

05/15/2008 | Susan and whatshisname/Silkie
Ness-great blog, much more interesting then Barak's. Just sent you big email. Be well, Be safe.
Valparaiso and Vina del Mar
05/08/2008, 125 km. west of Santiago, Chile

I spent the day touring these two coastal towns.

V de M is a really nice high end resort town complete with a really swanky casino, where I played 5 hands of blackjack and walked out with an extra 30,000 pesos ($70 CAD). It reminded me a bit of Ft. Lauderdale.

Valparaiso is not quite as nice and a lot larger. It's built on the side of a mountain that runs straight down to the sea. There are funiculars everywhere to move the people up and down.

My "base" in Santiago.

This is "Andes Hostel" in Santiago, centro. (see "Favorite Links" to the right).

A huge thankyou to "Global Marine Networks" and "SailBlogs"

This web site, along with ALL my satellite and web based communications via Iridium Sat. phone, including voice, SMS, email, and weather, couldn't have been possible without the incredible applications and technical support provided by Luis Soltero and his "crew" at "Global Marine Networks". (see "Favorite Links" to the right), and Tim Harincar at "SailBlogs". (see "Favorite Links" to the right).

What about my motorcycle plans ???
05/05/2008, Santiago, Chile

I'm really disappointed that I won't be doing any riding. I got down to Santiago later than I wanted, and the boat launch will be earlier than expected. I have to be in Valdivia by the 21st, and I'm really not interested in the hassle and expense to ride for only 2 weeks.....also there are frequent snows in the Andes passes now, and it's colder and quite rainy south of Santiago. If I had 4-6 weeks, that would have been different. I carried an extra bag of 50 lbs of motorcycle gear for nothing.

Soooo, on Saturday,I will probably take a 10 day private bus tour to Northern Chile, where I hear the desert is quite a special place.

Once I get to Valdivia on the 21st, if I have any free time, I'll try to get to Chaiten, the active volcano around 400 km. south south of Valdivia.

05/05/2008 | Hp
Hiya Ness, Have a safe trip buddy. I'm totally jazzed reading about your wild adventure.... take care of yourself and keep us up to date on your travels... pls. post some pics of your trip.

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