Antigua Classics

11 May 2017
Photo of Chris, Devin( sv Moose tracks) and Tony( sv Southern Cross)
Standing on the dock in Nelson's dockyard with Columbia Schooner behind them., great article to read about it

Boats in Deep Bay

29 April 2017
Neverbored in Deep Bay along with Inspiration and FarHaven.

Deep bay beach, Antigua

29 April 2017
Photo taken from Fort Barrington

Hiking at Deep Bay, Antigua, just the girls

29 April 2017
The start of our hike up to Fort Barrington was drop off at the beach in Deep bay where we all were anchored. FORT BARRINGTON, (1779- c. 1850). In 1779 the southern entrance to St. John’s Harbour was strongly fortified by Admiral Barrington, who had defeated the French off St. Lucia in 1778. The fort is a giant semi-circular gun emplacement dominating the approaches to St. John's Harbour. It is placed upon a hill on the harbour’s southern side. The interior is interesting to explore, for found therein, are dungeon-like rooms and a powder magazine. The view from the top is astounding. It took less then 30 minutes to reach the top. We walked to the point then back down and continued over the bridge around the salt pond. Oops had to turn around at the Royal Antigua resort, they would not let us walk through to the beach because of construction.

Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 2017

22 April 2017
Chris volunteering another year at the classics, helping the boats to dock stern too, not as easy as it looks.Chris is driving the dingy with Devin from SV Moosetracks Linehandler at the stern of Spirit of Oysterhaven.
The boat in the picture is Spirit of Oysterhaven, Classic steel Schooner of traditional design, L.O.A:22m Beam:6m Draft:3m Displ:50 tons

Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 2017

19 April 2017

English Harbour is blooming with excitement as boats sail in for the 30th Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, get docked Antigua Classics bring the first in this year’s series of the Panerai Classic Yacht Challenges. Vessels are arriving from all quadrants of the compass. Some crossed the ocean in containers; a few cruised north from down island; many journeyed from the States, Canada, Bermuda, Europe and beyond. One came from the Pacific Ocean via the Panama Canal and another took the long way around the Horn. Lucky ones came straight from the boatyard.

The fleet, hovering near 50, is as varied as a string of signal flags, and since registration is still open, there will surely be more colour. The fleet ranging from 30’ to 178’, with build dates spanning a century, are an intoxicating blend of rigs and sail configurations, all nodding to the past.
Vessel Name: Neverbored
Vessel Make/Model: Admiral 40
Hailing Port: Canso, Nova Scotia Canada
Crew: Chris & Sheila
recently updated:Chris started sailing in his late teens, his first 'sailing vessel' an 11ft Sea Snark. Sheila learned to sail with Chris on a 31 ft Catalina, many years later. [...]
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Who: Chris & Sheila
Port: Canso, Nova Scotia Canada

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