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Going to the North side of Provo
02/23/2012, Turks & Ciacos

We had to leave Sapodilla Bay early in the am so that we could take the high tide across the low water area to the North side, west. We took the a short cut to get here. Time Enough are also with us, they had no issue with water depth, their draft being only 18 inches. We are in the leeward area. The water at one spot was only 4foot 7 inches deep. We need 3.9 feet. It was a beautiful day to move, taking us about two and a half hours to get to our destination. The picture is of a resort that we are anchored close too.
There is also a picture of linda sitting at the bow of the boat.

Amy on the Beach at Grace bay

02/27/2012 | Bob Stuke
Too bad Nikki didn't make it. They would have a Sushi night and serve the Sushi on bikini clad ladies..
02/27/2012 | Philip & Sharon
All is good ---- no one is anchored within a mile of "NeverBored"
03/01/2012 | Sheila
Nikki beach is still here but the leeward amrina and restaurant are closed, in receivership. The spot here in the leeward passage is beautiful, we are enjoying the beaches and area. cheers for now.
Oh we made sushi thou, fresh mahi, ceviche too!
Music on the Boat
02/21/2012, Turks & Caicos

Carol and Bob from S/V Time Enough II on guitar and fiddle and Amy on the Ukulele.

02/27/2012 | Philip & Sharon
Practicing for Canso.
Returning to a great food spot
02/20/2012, Turks & Caicos

Penny and George , Does this place look familiar?
We enjoyed a great lunch of cracked conch and fish.

02/27/2012 | Bob Stuke
No Rayon? He is normally a fixture at that bar. Da Conch Shack ROCKS!
02/27/2012 | Philip & Sharon
"No Credit" --- Do they take Canadian?
View from the boat
02/19/2012, Turks & Caicos

View from the boat!

Visitors arrive
02/19/2012, Turks & Caicos

Linda and Amy have arrived for a ten day stay with us while in the Turks and Caicos.

First things first , a swim in the warm waters of Sapodilla Bay

02/26/2012 | Philip & Sharon
Nothing better than sharing good times with others on your boat. Enjoy. P&S
The next jump!
02/18/2012, Turks & Caicos

We left Mayaguana on Friday afternoon about 3:30 am to go to SouthEast Point to stage for the Turks and Caicos, we would have gone the eight miles to the SouthEast Point, then left at Midnight to arrive at the Turks & caicos by morning light. We noticed the wind was in the right direction to sail now so we decided what the heck, lets just sail to Turks and Caicos right now.
We checked the Stephen Pavilitis cruising Guide and saw a place to anchor near the North west point of Provo, so on we went. it was 1am by the time we were anchored and ready for sleep. The photo is what we woke up to see. How nice is that?

02/18/2012 | carol and bob
nice beach to wake up to know you are having fun hugs C & B

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