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Overnight sail to Tin Can Bay

06 June 2012 | Teebar Creek
Sunny but cold
Monday morning dawned with promise of a good sail going by the weather forecast. We waved 'Blue Lagoon' off at 0730hrs on their way to Mooloolaba.
We went for a long walk & then organised ourselves for departure at 1230hrs, expecting that an average speed of 5knots would have us at the Wide Bay bar at 0600hrs in the morning.
Sailed in good 10 to 15 knot S/W wind along the coast of Bribie to just north of Caloundra. Unforunately the wind failed us, dropping to about 5Kn & we had to add our alternate means of propulsion to keep up our average. Motor sailed for about 4 hrs at very low engine revs before the wind strength picked up again.
This was a full moon night & also the partial eclipse. The moon rose in a sky that was still reflecting the colour of the sunset. It is amazing to be in a place to see the setting sun on one side & the rising moon on the other.
The sea was calm & we were able to sleep in the bed between watches.
Just off Mooloolaba, we heard Bruce from 'Leprechaun' on the radio. They were making the same overnight trip. We had last sailed in their company to the Gold Coast.
Arrived on time to cross the bar & was an easy crossing. Anchored off the Tin Can Bay township in cold & windy conditions.
Visited Jean & Mick ex 'Sea Piper' as they now live here. We met them on Fraser Island when we had Jepeda lll & their excitement helped to feed our dream.
Moved along to Teebar Creek for a better shelter overnight. Couldn't get in to the creek as a bit shallow at the mouth (touched the bottom twice!!!) so just nestled in near a sandbank and had a very quiet night. No neighbours.

Vessel Name: Jepeda IV
Vessel Make/Model: Lancer 44 Pilot House Sloop
Hailing Port: Hervey Bay, Queensland
Crew: Nigel (Nick) & Erica Nicholson
Suffice to say we're a couple of ageing dreamers who simply decided that we didn't want to join our ancestors before we'd had a damn good shot at fulfilling at least some of the dreams first. [...]
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