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Overnight sail to Tin Can Bay
Sunny but cold
06.06.12, Teebar Creek

Monday morning dawned with promise of a good sail going by the weather forecast. We waved 'Blue Lagoon' off at 0730hrs on their way to Mooloolaba.
We went for a long walk & then organised ourselves for departure at 1230hrs, expecting that an average speed of 5knots would have us at the Wide Bay bar at 0600hrs in the morning.
Sailed in good 10 to 15 knot S/W wind along the coast of Bribie to just north of Caloundra. Unforunately the wind failed us, dropping to about 5Kn & we had to add our alternate means of propulsion to keep up our average. Motor sailed for about 4 hrs at very low engine revs before the wind strength picked up again.
This was a full moon night & also the partial eclipse. The moon rose in a sky that was still reflecting the colour of the sunset. It is amazing to be in a place to see the setting sun on one side & the rising moon on the other.
The sea was calm & we were able to sleep in the bed between watches.
Just off Mooloolaba, we heard Bruce from 'Leprechaun' on the radio. They were making the same overnight trip. We had last sailed in their company to the Gold Coast.
Arrived on time to cross the bar & was an easy crossing. Anchored off the Tin Can Bay township in cold & windy conditions.
Visited Jean & Mick ex 'Sea Piper' as they now live here. We met them on Fraser Island when we had Jepeda lll & their excitement helped to feed our dream.
Moved along to Teebar Creek for a better shelter overnight. Couldn't get in to the creek as a bit shallow at the mouth (touched the bottom twice!!!) so just nestled in near a sandbank and had a very quiet night. No neighbours.

The Promise
Finally fine!!
06.06.12, Bribie Island

We were very excited to see this sight on Sunday evening. Suddenly from under the bank of cloud that had been hovering over us for days, the setting sun appeared & lit up the sky.
We knew for sure then that we would be able to leave in the morning.
More northward progress!!

Waiting waiting
Cold & wet
02.06.12, Bribie Island

The rainy weather has continued all week here as it has for many areas. What happened to sunny Queensland??
It is now Sunday 3rd June & we have spent the week alternately going ashore for walks between showers, reading & watching movies. Have had the company of Chris & Kevin 'Blue Lagoon' as they are also waiting to move north.
We had an enjoyable lunch at Bribie RSL with them on Thursday. We went by dinghy through the sloppy sea & just as we arrived at the jetty, after a 10 minute trip, I realised that I had no shoes. Good ol' Nick, without a complaint, went back to the mother ship to collect them. Gave me an opportunity to stand on the jetty with my back to the wind to dry out the seat of my pants!!
We collected the replacement cables from the Post Office too.
In between showers, Nick dug some good sized yabbies & managed to snare two nice snapper, fishing from the comfort of the cockpit.
On one of our walks, we headed towards Sandstone Point (on the mainland) & discovered what must be a well kept secret. This is a very attractive beach-side suburb with a grassy foreshore & sandy beach; another place to put in the "We could live here " file. We walked across the Bribie bridge in strong, cold winds.
We have harvested lots of rain water to replenish tanks & right now, Nick is planning our trip for a departure tomorrow about midday. All we need is some co-operation from Hughie & we will be off.

Monday 28th
Very windy
29.05.12, Bongaree

We woke on Monday morning to a strong South West wind that had blown us towards the shore on the extent of our anchor chain. We were just touching the bottom! We moved out & re-anchored but then decided to move across the channel to the mainland side to get some shelter, which proved a good move. Still very blowy & rough but should be better as the forecast has the prospect of 30knot winds.
Baked some bread (yummy & fresh out of the oven for lunch) & then a bumpy ride to shore to go to the shop.
Cold & wet on our return. Spent a comfortable night but felt the change with the tide about 0300hrs. Waiting out the weather & we will make the move to Tin Can Bay when it is appropriate. Remembar the mantra that a bad day in the boat is better than a good day at work.

Sunday 27th
Cold & windy
29.05.12, Buderim (not the boat, just us)

Zoe was going to a birthday party today so we took the three girls with us & left Jeff at home alone to finish building Zoe's wardrobe.
Dropped Zoe at the party & went to Mooloolaba with Leahya & Isabelle to play in the park & have an ice-cream.
Returned to collect Zoe after the party & then home for lunch. Michelle was home after her night out so we had lunch & just sat around together for a while. Hard to think that it will be ages before we do this again so have to store up as much as I can. Time to say good bye again & Jeff drove us back to Bongaree & the boat.
It has been wonderful in the last few months to see all the family & to know that thay are all well & happy.
After another evening meal of Pat's soup (not much left now) we visited Chris & Kevin on 'Blue Lagoon' & played Rummikub & Tri-Dominoes.
The wind had really come up when it was time to get back in to 'Bob' so it was a cold & wobbly trip back to J IV.

Buderim visit
Cold & windy
29.05.12, Bongaree

Friday 25th. spent at Bongaree. Nick managed to do a first aid job on the gear cable which has given us control again. Have ordered a replacement to be delivered c/- PO here. Had a walk along beach in a cold wind.
Saturday morning, Jeff collected us at 0600hrs before the sun came up!!! to take us to Buderim. The early start due to the very busy Saturday with all the girls (includes Michelle) being involved in Netball games. Leahya plays & referees also. A cold, long day as we watched them play & Isabelle with her beginner "Ready, Net, Go" session. Reminiscent of the long, cold, winter days we spent at GPS football with our boys.
Michelle was out for a girls night so we stayed there with Jeff & the girls. Great to have three little girls coming in to bed in the morning! A good part of being grandparents.

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