16 February 2016 | Kuala Bernam
13 February 2016 | Pulau Pangkor Laut
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19 January 2016 | Thai Malaysia border

Venture up another estuary for calm

16 February 2016 | Kuala Bernam
Departed Pangkor at 0930h as start of trip to Port Dickson. Good sailing at first as a couple of storms rolled around us but didn't hit. The wind died as the sky cleared and it was some motor sailing but then just motoring to our overnight anchorage. We are in an estuary, Kuala Bernam. We noticed this estuary on our way north and all the fishing boat activity here. We came in today as the roll is till persisting outside and now we have a nice quiet spot. No spilled wine tonight ! Interesting place with scattered fishing villages, a large ferry terminal on the opposite bank and a new temple like construction near our spot. Very much worth investigating but we will leave that for next time. Grateful to have a roll free anchorage tonight.

Extraordinary local hospitality

13 February 2016 | Pulau Pangkor Laut
We left Lumut on 13th after a lovely few days and returned to Pangkor Island. Still a few days to wait before we need to start trip to Port Dickson. So we just had a holiday; played cards, swam, picnic on beach and somewhere ashore each night for dinner.
On Sunday morning, we took a taxi to the service station for some diesel and bough 80 litres at just a tad under 50 cents a litre! Called in at Viktry Resort to order dinner. This is run by an Indian family and there is no menu. If you call in the morning and tell Carmilla what you would like, she will prepare it for you. We feasted on chicken curry, fried chicken, curried cabbage, mixed vegetable, delicious okra, rice and papadums! All I had asked for was a chicken dish and vegetables!
It was a no brainer that we then ordered for the next night while we were there!
Managed to catch 10 litres of drinking water in a bucket and some more that went directly in to the tank.
The little bay here is visited every day by many of the big fishing boats and they run their huge nets round the schools of tiny fish that are dried and sold in huge quantities to the locals. Here, they are called anchovies. When we pass them in the shops, the smell is very strong and the open sacks of fish are surrounded by sticky fly paper that has captured hundreds of flies. Not very appetising. On the second night, I asked Carmilla how she made the delicious Okra dish. It suddenly wasn't quite so appealing, when she told me that it was flavoured with anchovies!!!!!
When we left, they gave us a gift...a big container of some spicy nibbly things to have with our beer! There is enough there to last us a year! Very tasty though. The people here are so hospitable.

Up the Din Ding

08 February 2016
2016 the year of the monkey!
We decided to do further exploring and go up the Din Ding river to Lumut and visit the lumut International Yacht Club which, the guide book said, has great facilities & a lovely pool. We passed many ships waiting to come in to the busy port and a large bulk loading facility away from the main town. Big ferries raced up & down but we didn't need to do any dodging & weaving. Just a couple of hours and we dropped anchor off the marina dock intending to go ashore to obtain permission to do so. What we found was a deserted derelict clubhouse and a (algae) green pool. The marina docks had signs declaring 'closed for repair' and 'trespassers will be prosecuted' but the hole cut in the fence seemed to be there for a reason!
Anchoring off and dinghying in was easy so we stayed put. We met Massimo, an Italian man, who owns two of the lovely big buildings there. He has tried to establish restaurants & coffee shops but because of the difficulty of finding staff and his unwillingness to work every day, they have failed to flourish.
The area comes alive at night as hundreds of locals flock to the area where skateboards, roller blades, electric bikes & scooters are hired. All are brightly lit and it is a carnival atmosphere nightly. An enterprising family business pops up each night and sells delicious chicken and beef kebabs. We dined on these a couple of times. Five for six ringit ($2)
Took a taxi ride to Marina Island to see the Pangkor marina where many of our friends have stayed & lifted out. Had lunch there with a large group of yachties who were taking a break from working on their boats. Speaking of which, Nick managed to repair the lining that had been removed to repair the steaming lights!
Massimo had told us about his boat that he was refurbishing and had also talked about his many businesses...finger in many pies. He asked if we would like to see the boat and on the way he showed us where he is building a slipway & boatyard. He pointed out where he & Judy live....in the two penthouses on "that building". And then the boat! It is 100feet long, sleeps 18, carries 6 crew etc etc and just over here is my yacht! A lovely and helpful, most modest man who then told us that his business was Intel Marine! Wow, google it! In Australia he had started the Latina Fresh Pasta company that was very successful for him.

Sick of rolling so another move.

05 February 2016
Tried Nipa Bay around the corner next day but the roll hung in. Walked ashore to find most places closed. Of course, Malaysia..Friday! The roll persisted so we moved again around to Pangkor Laut where it was much calmer and the beach much cleaner. Brought up 2000 hrs on the Perkins just as we arrived. The resort on Pangkor Laut is reputed to be luxurious and as the photo shows, it attracts some up-market visitors. A long walk and we found a Chinese Restan open. Good food!
Here we learned the devastating news that Tony, "Waitaine II", whom we met in Ko Payham and again in Nai Yang had passed away aboard. His body was not discovered for ten days. RIP Tony
Clean water here for swimming but not clean enough to use the water maker. Another big storm and added water to the tank.
Sunday was the beginning of Chinese New Year holidays. Lots of people here and fireworks at midnight. GONG XI FA CAI to all!


04 February 2016
Next day, we made Pangkor Island by 1400h and anchored in Teluk Belanga. The roll is still coming in and making life uncomfortable at anchor. There has been enough SE Wind to bring the roll in and it doesn't seem like abating soon.

Nice sailing, then tight motor=sailing

03 February 2016
Good wind took us to the first way point, then a close hauled motor sail as the skipper tried to squeeze whatever he could out of the wind. An open roadstead anchorage for the night in an area of floating rubbish. So much on the tide that we couldn't get away from it....bottles, plastic, Styrofoam and logs! Lots of big fishing boats anchored here but when they all left for their night's work, it was as if we were anchored in the middle of the ocean. The land here is very flat and not visible from the deck. Storm overnight, so collected plenty of laundry water. No roll overnight!
Vessel Name: Jepeda IV
Vessel Make/Model: Lancer 44 Pilot House Sloop
Hailing Port: Hervey Bay, Queensland
Crew: Nigel (Nick) & Erica Nicholson
Suffice to say we're a couple of ageing dreamers who simply decided that we didn't want to join our ancestors before we'd had a damn good shot at fulfilling at least some of the dreams first. [...]
Jepeda IV's Photos - Seas 'n Greetings Hervey Bay to Lake Macquarie
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22-4-12 #1 just before we left the Lake
22-4-12 #4 Just before we left the Lake
22-4-12 #2 Just before we left the Lake
Our track in Lake Macquarie Feb to Apr 2012
Bottom Brush. Thanks for the idea Ben!
First sail in her new clothes 15-4-12
First sail in her new clothes 15-4-12
Oscar heading for the crows nest. 13-4-12
Signature Sound on the Jetty at Toronto. 3-4-12
Brigus arriving at Rathmines. Jake on the helm. 31-3-12
Sunset at Croudace Bay #3 Mar 2012
Northern Mallard at Bonnell
First Keeper in Lake Macquarie. 1Kg. 27-3-12
From the Opera House Promenade to the SH Bridge with beauty in the foreground 21-3-2012
Sunset at Bonnells Bay, Lake Macquarie, 20-3-2012
New Lewmar Clutches - installed 14-3-2012
Ducklings on Lake Macquarie. Sighted at Croudace Bay 29-2- 2012
Swansea Bridge opening to admit us to Lake Macquarie. 1100hrs, 24-2-2012
The laundry system stage 1. The conical gadget with the handle is the washing machine and the wringer is out of the ark! Both pieces of gear are manufactured today in the USA for tha Amish community who eschew electricity.
Bottlenosed dolphin off the bow in a glassy sea off Redhead NSw 23-2-2012
Bottlenosed dolphin off the bow on the way from Port Stephens to Lake Macquarie. 23-2-2012
Bottlenosed dolphins off the bow in a glassy sea off Redhead. 23-2-2012
Redhead from seaward 23-2-2012. Dave and Emma
A sundowner on our second last evening in Port Stephens. This is from Nelson Bay and with a glass of good red is about as good as it gets.
Oysters growing on mangroves. Bundabah Creek, North Arm Cove, Port Stephens. Feb 2012
Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens both feature weird collectors. This
Tea Gardens from the Singing Bridge which joins Tea Gardens to Hawks Nest. The Singing Bridge got its name soon after construction was completed in the 70s. It was discovered that because the railings were so close together they
This is Tea Garden
Bird in a Rock Nest! Erica at the Stephens Peak end of Zenith Beach. A beautiful little bay. Feb 2012.
The NSW Police tow a disabled seaplane into Shoal Bay. Don
The skewed wing on the disabled seaplane can be better seen here.
The RAAF lands on Zenith Beach! A group of recruits on a communications training exercise appartently.
Looking north from Tomaree Hd lookout. Yacaaba Hd, Cabbage Tree Island, Broughton Islands (way in the distance), Little Island and Boondelbah Island
Looking south from Tomaree HJd lookout. Zenith Beach, Wreck Beach, Box Beach, Pt Stephens Causeway and Fingal Bay - beyond the causeway.
Pt Stephens Causeway, Mt Stephens and Pt Stephens Lighthouse
Shoal Bay anchorage from Tomaree Hd lookout
1st Mate on wartime torpedo launch site. Another site to the right. Up on Tomaree Hd are the remains of some elaborate gun emplacements too.
Shoal Bay village, nestled at th foot of Point Stephens. Feb 2012
The rugged south west face of Yacaaba Hd as seen from our anchorage in Shoal Bay. Feb 2012
The entrance to Port Stephens as seen from the balcony of Bob & Lana Westbury
Hawks Nest viewed fro Bob & Lana
Our night time view of Shoal Bay village. Feb 2012
Pinnacle Rock - amazing formation unfortunately now almost overgrown. On the way to McLean Lookout
Pinnacle Rock, Mclean
Rainbow over Port Stephens. Taken from Rob & Lana
The plank buttress of a giant Yellow Carabeen tree in the Boorganna Nature Reserve, Comboyne.
Laurieton - A wonderfully located town. Nestled at the foot of North Brother and hemmed in by the Camden River and National Parks. Can
Us looking at the camden Haven bar from the lookout on North Brother.
Queens lake, one of the many beautiful waterways surrounding Laurieton. This and Gogley
Pat & Erica in the bowl of a giant Brush Box tree, Boorganna Nature Reserve, Comboyne.
A magnificent Ginger Lily on the way up North Brother.
Extraordinary homesites on nthe Clarence River. They make Gold Coast Canals look like slums!
Jepeda IV on the Camden River as seen from the top of North Brother.
Jepeda IV passing under the Harwood Bridge. Not quite the Suez Canal but the first time we
Camden Head from Point Perpendicular.
Approaching the entrance to Port stephens. Cabbage Tree Island on right and Boondelbah Island to the left.
Even the giants topple! A plank buttressed Yellow Carabeen - probably about 1000 years old - fallen in Boorganna Nature Reserve.
Little Broughton Island.
Broughton Islands
Camden Haven bar from North Brother
Camden Haven bar with telephoto lens from North Brother
Looking west from North Brother. Camden Haven Inlet in foreground with Middle Brother behind
Boorganna Nature Reserve, Comboyne
1000 year-old Brush Box tree in Boorganna Nature Reserve, Comboyne
A magnificent sunrise welcomes us to Camden Haven after an unbelievably outstanding 20 hour sail from Yamba. Top speed recorded was 9.3 Kn.
South Solitary Island. You see these rocks from the highway north of Coffs Harbour so here
North Solitary Island and Black Rock. Again, the sea side view of what you see from the highway.
Spume on Iluka Breakwater 26-1-12. Lots of rain and fresh in the Clarence River. The mixing of fresh water with salt in the surf creates the spume.
Spume nearly 3
Rainy Day Craft - Iluka Jan 2012
Trees in Love - Iluka Rainforest Jan 2012
The Start of a Lovely Walk
On Iluka Bluff Jan 2012
Iluka Rainforest Jan 2012 - The Canopy Held the Interest
Fascinating Fungi - Iluka Rainforest Jan 2012
Ulmarra Rainbow, Jan 2012
Pat & Terry at Ulmarra Pub, Jan 2012
Water dragon family - Ulmarra Riverside Cafe
Ulmarra streetscape. Quaint town
Ulmarra, Alan Lucas
These sites on the banks of the Clarence make the Gold Coast
Ulmarra Hotel grounds, right on the banks of the Clarence River, provide a lovely home to a huge family of water dragons. We counted 30 visible at one stage. This is one of the larger and more brazen of the group.
Erica in the grounds of Ulmarra Hotel. Jepeda IV in the background and one of very many water dragons in bottom right.
Spinnaker, drawing beautifully. Didn
Tweed Bar, 28-12-11. The break all the way across will ease by New Year - we hope.
Entering the Tweed River
Washing day with our new U-beaut Amash style washing plunger.
Daisy & Skagen Fielding with their baby 2nd cousin Joshua Dures in the saloon of Jepeda IV at GCCM, Coomera
Anchored at Koureyabba, Canaipa Passage. Lovely deep water right up to the edge.
The helipad is right on the summit of Mt Willes and Erica is the helicopter!!
Looking back over Russel Island to Karragarra and, way back, the mainland
The welcoming committee at Canaipa Point. He came back on the second day there too. Then the rain came and we didn
!st December 2011. "Bob" the Polycraft Tuff Tender proving its durability!
The "People " you meet whilst hiking!
The same guy
Sundowners at Horseshoe Bay 30 Nov 2011
Where they brought the convicts ashore!
Love the way the old gaol wall forced the tree to grow sideways
The old gaol on Peel Island. The walls were 4 bricks thick!
Original jetty at Platypus Bay and wreck of the "Platypus"
Back of the old gaol
Friendly neighbours at Horseshoe Bay
Forbidding sign and Erica on the wrong side of the law
Forbidding gate
Forbidden track
Breakfast when the wind doesn
The Glasshouse Mountains with Bribie Island in the foreground
Double Island Point lighthouse
Thanks for the shirts Ray & John!