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Selkie - Pacific Crossing 2010
Pacific Crossing (4th Leg) Fiji to NZ - Day 0
Thu Oct 21 18:37:16 EDT 2010, Pacific Ocean

Gary and Nick left Fiji at first light this morning. The weather forecast predicted perfect conditions for the passage. Unfortunately, it hasn't been quite as expected. Gary texted at noon today, "Very rough 30kt winds. 10ft swell beating straight south. Hoping it will ease tonight." It sounds like our last sail from Suva to Nadi. It seems to always be a bit rough south of Viti Levu. Hopefully as they leave the islands the conditions will improve. Good thing both Gary and Nick love a good sail :-).

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Pacific Crossing (4th Leg) Fiji to NZ
Fa / Hot & Sunny
Wed Oct 20 18:02:02 EDT 2010, Musket Cove, Fiji

Gary and Nick are doing final boat preparations (which I understand includes drinking duty-free gin in the cockpit). They are stocking up on provisions, fuel, water, and propane for the 10-14 day passage. Usually boats must clear from an official Fijian port before departure, but today customs, immigration, agriculture, and health officials are scheduled to arrive from Lautoka so boats can clear Fijian waters from Musket Cove. There are about a dozen yachties leaving the resort before cyclone season destined for New Zealand, Australia, and other safe harbours. Selkie will be doing a daily SSB radio check-in with Tracen J, another boat heading for Opua, NZ. Fair winds to all.

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Pacific Crossing (4th Leg) Fiji to NZ
Fa / Hot & Sunny
Mon Oct 18 19:26:09 EDT 2010, Musket Cove, Fiji

Gary and Nick had a fantastic sail from Vuda Point Marina on Viti Levu to Musket Cove on Malololailai island. They plan to leave with several other yachties bound for New Zealand and Australia on Thursday.

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Tue Oct 19 4:13:14 EDT 2010 | Kathleen Simis
Fa and kids, hope you had fun flying and good luck to Hank and crew on Selkie. We saw the boat back in MCmarina today when Allen was assisting a cat hauling out there, kinda sketchy! Thanks again for the charts!
Pacific Crossing: 3rd Leg: American Samoa to Suva, Fiji.
Patria / Absolutely beautiful, fresh breeze
Tue Aug 10 2:30:27 EDT 2010, Vuda Point Marina, just south of Lakouta, Day 8

August 11, 2010. END of 3rd Leg: PACIFIC CROSSING! After a very rough night with high winds and seas, Selkie is docked at Vuda Point Marina which is located just south of Lakouta, city of Nadi, in an area known as Nadi Waters. Gary in town, taking care of Customs, Fa and Hank having lunch, and getting ready to fly home on Friday! Received 2:30pm NZST.

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Pacific Crossing: 3rd Leg: American Samoa to Suva, Fiji.
Patria / Sunny and beautiful
Mon Aug 9 4:10:27 EDT 2010, Pacific Ocean, Outside harbour of Suva, Fiji, Day 7

August 10th. Lots of paperwork this morning for various agencies following Border Control and Customs Authority clearance. Traveled by taxi to town to do currency exchange for fees and to grab some lunch. Aboard Selkie, leaving Suva, Fiji for western part of island, expecting to get there around 5:00pm tomorrow. Feeling a bit nostalgic since this is our last sail before flying to New Zealand on Friday. It has been an incredible journey!

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Pacific Crossing: 3rd Leg: Pago Pago, American Samoa to Suva, Fiji
Patria / Hot, sunny and beautiful
Sun Aug 8 9:58:43 EDT 2010, Suva, Fiji, Day 6 (lost a day)

Actually August 9th. Arrived at the Port of Suva, Fiji this evening; Customs and Border Control will board Selkie at 8:00am tomorrow. After clearance, they will leave for a 114 miles sail to the westside of the island where Selkie will get a much needed rest! Hoping to fly to New Zealand on Friday. Received 9:58pm NZST (9:58pm FJST).

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Mon Aug 9 18:45:05 EDT 2010 | phil Matsopoulos
Well done you three, great effort. See you in God's own shortly.

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