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Sailing with Nine of Cups
Exploring in Suwarrow
12 September 2009 | Suwarrow Atoll, Cook Islands
We are really enjoying our time in Suwarrow. Yesterday, John & Veronica (the park rangers) took us to New Island and Entrance Island where hundreds of red footed boobies, fairy terns, noddies, frigates and red-tailed tropic birds are nesting. All had babies and fledges nearby and it was photo heaven. We went to the furthest motu "Tou" the other day for an environmental cleanup and came back with a dink full of trash, old buoys, two hardhats and half a wetsuit (maybe a shark had the rest?). Speaking of sharks, lots and lots here in the lagoon...mostly black tips and grays. They're well fed and only about 3-4 feet long so they leave us alone.

The mainsail is repaired and back up, staysail and jib both needed UV stitching which we've completed along with a myriad of other chores. We're hoping to leave tomorrow for Niue if the forecast holds true.