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Sailing with Nine of Cups
Back aboard Cups!
Marcie...blowing a gale
17 September 2010 | Opua, NZ
It's been blowing a gale since we returned to NZ and forecast to continue...forever, we think!

We took advantage of a somewhat morning calm and Brian, who had been watching Cups on her mooring since we left (Bless him!), dinghied us out to Cups. She looked neglected with a bit of mold, mildew and moss growing topside and below and enough bird poop on the decks to start a guano export company. Otherwise, though she looked fine..."pointy side still up", as our son Brennan says. Launched the dink and surprise of surprises, the dinghy engine started up immediately. We met John at the dock with all of our luggage and got it back toCups and stowed. Enough work for one day.

Sigh...Good to be home!