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Sailing with Nine of Cups
Snug in Opua Marina
Marcie .... still blowing a gale
20 September 2010 | Opua, NZ
Back in the marina without a problem (thank Neptune). The engine started right up and no other problems encountered although after so many months idle, we had our fingers crossed (legs & eyes, too). Cups got a good bath and cleaning and she's looking much better.

Lots to do now...batteries need equalizing, refrigeration needs some attention (as always), appears the jib might need replacing (it was at a sailmaker's for repair), general maintenance and maybe a bottom job.
Still blowing gale force and expected to continue till next weekend!

Where to go now? It's the wrong time of year to leave NZ. Closest port in 1000+ nm away. The weather windows are short...lots to think about.