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Sailing with Nine of Cups
"Bleak House" on a bleak day in a bleak bay
30 January 2011 | Southern Arm, Dagg Sound
It's been an unpleasant day. We've had winds 40+ kts on and off all day and heavy rains. We can only imagine what's it's like at sea today and we're most pleased to be here and not there. We had to shut down the wind generators due to too much wind.

The mud in the bay is a bit soft and with so much wind we felt we might be dragging, not to mention the number of waterfalls that are silting up the area close to shore. So midst the deluge, we got all suited up in our foul weather gear and boots and moved the boat to a more central location in the bay and Cups seems to be sitting better now. Always good to come back inside and appreciate how dry and warm it is...even if it's not that warm.

We watched the BBC production of Charles Dickens' "Bleak House" today...a perfect day for it whilst sipping hot mint tea.