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Sailing with Nine of Cups
We're really missing that mill pond!
31 January 2011 | Southern Arm, Dagg Sound
An addendum to our earlier report today... The sun peeked through and we spotted a tiny batch of blue sky for awhile today, but then the rain and wind returned...for a change. This certainly surpasses our expectations for Fiordland...though we've read several accounts of sailors waiting as much as three weeks for a weather window to go around Southwest Cape - east or west. We're certainly ready for a respite and a touch of the weather we had when we first arrived.

The bay around us is milk chocolate brown, heavy with silt, run-off and debris. Swollen logs and branches drift by quickly propelled by the ebb current and wind. Though the winds have abated some and we're expecting some northwest winds, the fishermen report 20-25' seas from the southwest. Until the seas calm a bit, it's still not a good time to hazard more southerly progress. The forecast for the next couple of days calls for more of the same. Where's that mill pond anchorage we were accustomed to?