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Sailing with Nine of Cups
No shadows on Groundhog's Day!
02 February 2011 | Southern Arm, Dagg Sound
Happy Groundhog's Day! The groundhog did NOT see his shadow here in Dagg Sound this morning (not sure there are any groundhogs in NZ actually). Though the wind blew a gale, it never got above 40 kts last night and we felt quite secure on Cups who swung around a bit, but conducted herself quite nicely. This is a usual occurrence: if we really, really prepare, it means it won't be as bad as predicted....not a problem for us at all and much better than the converse.

Weather today is on-again, off-again...sun then rain with just enough wind to keep the wind generator spinning. There's a promising forecast for tomorrow and three days following which might allow us to leave Dagg Sound and head a bit further south to Breaksea and Dusky Sounds. The wind is in the right direction, but the swells are still 15-20' which is off-putting.

David filled the propane tanks (he put in just enough last night to manage dinner, popcorn and cuppas this morning). I made fresh yogurt last night for this morning's breakfast and some hummus for snack time later. We're out of most packaged things now...cookies, granola bars, nuts. All of our favorites went fast. David tends to save things while "eat it while you can" is my motto. I emptied the freezer this morning of the last steak and piece of chicken. From now on, we'll manage on fish we catch and jarred chicken, etc, that I pressure-canned before leaving Opua. No more fresh veggies or fruit...only stuff in tins. We don't feel too badly about this at all. It gives us a chance to use up old stores/inventory. Lots of food, but the combinations are sometimes a bit weird.

We watched the Bill Murray movie "Groundhog's Day. We've seen it so many times we know most of the lines, but it is still one of our favorites.