Sailing with Nine of Cups

Vessel Name: Nine of Cups
Vessel Make/Model: Liberty 458
Hailing Port: Denver, Colorado, USA
Crew: Marcie & David
About: We've lived aboard Nine of Cups since 2000 and have managed to accumulate 86,000+ nm under the keel since that time. We completed a circumnavigation in April 2015 and managed to sail around the five great southern capes. Come along with us for the ride!
Visit our website at for more photos and info about Nine of Cups and her crew. We also have a more extensive blogsite at Are some of our links broken? Links break from time to time. Please let us know which ones are broken and we'll fix them. You [...]
24 May 2016 | En route Culebra, PR - St. Augustine-FL
23 May 2016 | Culebra, Puerto Rico
22 May 2016 | Culebra, Puerto Rico
21 May 2016 | Culebra, Puerto Rico
20 May 2016 | Culebra, Puerto Rico
19 May 2016 | Culebra, Puerto Rico
18 May 2016 | Culebra, Puerto Rico
17 May 2016 | Culebra, Puerto Rico
16 May 2016 | Culebra, Puerto Rico
15 May 2016 | Culebra, Puerto Rico
14 May 2016 | En route to Puerto Rico
13 May 2016 | Culebra, Puerto Rico
12 May 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
11 May 2016 | En route to Puerto Rico
10 May 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
09 May 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
08 May 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
07 May 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
06 May 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
05 May 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
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24 May 2016 | En route Culebra, PR - St. Augustine-FL

Culebra to St Augustine - Days 1 -3

Once again, it was a flurry of activity as we prepared to up-anchor and head out from Culebra to St Augustine. We woke with the dawn, checked the weather again, and after a cuppa and a few more checks, we were off across Ensenada Honda on an overcast morning and heading back into the Caribbean Sea. We’d [...]

23 May 2016 | Culebra, Puerto Rico

Heading to St. Augustine

I know, I know … we were supposed to head over to San Juan for a few days and hang out, but surprise! We’ve changed our minds. We’re looking at the calendar, feeling pressed to be moving north more quickly than we’d prefer, but hurricane season is soon upon us and the further north we are, the [...]

22 May 2016 | Culebra, Puerto Rico

Tarpons, Seagulls and Cold Beer

Despite all the very appealing local restaurants we’ve seen, we really haven’t eaten out at all since we arrived in Culebra. Each morning we agree “Let’s have dinner out tonight” and every evening, it’s “Feel like going in to shore for dinner or shall we just make something aboard and watch [...]

21 May 2016 | Culebra, Puerto Rico

Blue View - Patching the Dinghy

Our venerable dinghy is well into her ninth year aboard Nine of Cups. She's seen a lot of nice soft sand beaches, but she's also seen her share of barnacle encrusted, concrete jetties, rocky shores and coral reefs. On several occasions, she's gotten roughed up by an amorous fisherman's panga as well. [...]

20 May 2016 | Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra Signs and Street Art

Though our stay in Culebra has been short, we've managed to walk around a bit and gather a few signs and street art pix for our ever-growing collection. Thought you'd enjoy seeing a few that we thought were especially interesting. Unfortunately, I'm not able to post pix or links on SailBlogs at the moment. You'll have to head on over to to view the sign/street collection.

19 May 2016 | Culebra, Puerto Rico

Rotten eggs and other boat smells

One of the things about boats is they smell. Sometimes it's the garlic and onion you're sauteing, but more likely it's something else or a combination of "something elses". My sister, Lin, always hugs me rather tenuously when we first arrive home after a long stay on the boat and wrinkles [...]

Happy Easter!

24 April 2011 | Moored in Opua, Bay of Islands, NZ
Easter always heralded the arrival of Spring when growing up in the USA. Trees were budding, flowers were sprouting up and it was time to get the garden plowed and ready for planting. The Easter Rabbit came without fail, leaving a basket of chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks (yuck!) and sometimes hiding eggs to be collected. Here in New Zealand, it's a long 4-day weekend...Good Friday through Easter Monday... and signals the end of summer and the coming of winter.

The promised rainy weather held off and though a gray day, David was provided a good opportunity to work on the forward hatch. It's coming together nicely although is taking a lot of work...grinding, routing, epoxying...all those manly skills that allow him to use lots of cool tools on deck. This is a trial hatch and if it works out as we hope it will, all the hatches will eventually be replaced. No more wave showers when trying to use the head or sleep on the sea berth.

While David worked on deck, Marcie caught up on e-mails, updated the website, paid bills and then continued to clean and clean and clean. This is one dirty boat! By 4PM, David completed what he could do for the day and we carted two huge sailbags full of yet more dirty clothes to the laundramat. While the five loads of laundry were in the washers, we scooted over and took showers and then, according to plan, met up with "Sequester" at the laundramat to catch up. Only cruisers would find a meeting at a laundramat a reasonable thing to do on an Easter Sunday. The social time certainly made the drying time go by quickly.

Back to the boat with the clean laundry, it was time for our Easter celebration dinner: mashed potatoes, squash and roast chicken. Since we started rather late, it took awhile to get the chicken roasted and the veggies cooked and on the table, so we didn't eat till 8:30pm. We were, however, sipping our "NZ Circumnavigation" champagne all the while we waited, so the time seemed to fly by quickly and spirits were certainly high when we commenced to attacking that roast chicken dinner. Happy Easter to all!

By the way, a website update has been completed with Chatham Island and Pitt Island photos as well as big update to the Antarctic page. Take a look if you have the chance.
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