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Sailing with Nine of Cups
Anchored in paradise
08 October 2011 | Moored Peterson Bay, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu
We slipped the mooring off Aore Island and motor sailed in light winds, 17 miles up the east coast of Santo to Peterson Bay yesterday. We passed by Million Dollar Point, where the US military deposited all of its excess gear and equipment into the sea after WWII. It's all still there...some things sunk and rusting in the sand at low tide; other equipment in deeper water now a manmade reef and natural habitat for the local underwater fauna and flora.

The route into the anchorage had us maneuvering through reefs and coral heads with lots of turns and twists. With good waypoints from friends on Active Transport, Marcie on the bow and good visibility, we managed to touch bottom only once, gliding over a 7' spot, and finally reaching the anchorage off Oyster Island Resort. We are anchored with eight other boats at the moment. This anchorage is considered a "hurricane hole" and is very well protected although with the current mild forecast, we're not expecting any problems.

Oyster Island is welcoming to yachties and there are several walks to take, reefs to snorkel and explore and beaches to visit on their 25 hectare (50+ acres) property. There's also a trip via dinghy up the Nalaiafu River to a blue hole which many people rave about. David still has deck work to do so we're hoping to combine work and pleasure over the next week or so here. The area surrounding the anchorage is absolutely beautiful. Palm trees, white sand beaches and thick green foliage. Looking forward to exploration in the coming days.

An extra added bonus is free internet at the resort which we're able to pick up on the boat. Unfortunately, it's very, very slow, but not having had internet in several weeks, free and slow trumps costly and unavailable every time. Amazing how cruising mellows us!