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Sailing with Nine of Cups
Overnight anchorage in Neilsen Cove
22 February 2012 | En route Port Davey, Tasmania
A grey, overcast, but calm morning. We were anchor up at 10am and heading out of Hell's Gates by Noon. The exit was not nearly as much of an adrenaline rush as the entry, mostly because we had our own track to follow. A huge contingent of terns and gannets sat on the breakwater rocks cheering us as we cleared the last obstacle at the exit. Dolphins...big ones...provided a farewell escort out of the bay, jumping high enough to clear the water. Quite the show. Stately Cape Sorrel Lighthouse, sitting in the midst of green bush with waves crashing all around its red rock foundation, seemed quite sober compared to the antics of the dolphins.

We motor-sailed 45 nm to Neilsen Cove and tucked in behind tiny Leelinger Island. Evidently it's popular with the local fisherman since there are 6 fishing boats anchored with us tonight. We plan to get an early start tomorrow for the remaining 60 miles to Port Davey.