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Sailing with Nine of Cups
Exploring Schooner Cove
25 February 2012 | Port Davey, Tasmania
A wonderfully calm, peaceful night. We rested well and awoke to a gorgeous sunrise with the sun reflecting off the tops of the mountains. We broke a few things on the way down...wouldn't have been an "exhilarating" ride, if we didn't. David spent a few hours doing a repair to the wind gen support structure, the remote auto pilot and replaced an alarm LED that had faded out. Then we were ready to go ashore.

Just on the dinghy ride in, we saw a tiny flotilla of grebes diving for breakfast. They scattered as we motored near. The silver gulls, on the other hand, were looking for handouts and had no problems coming close. A young black swan couple paddled by leisurely. Ashore we had our first encounter with a black currawong, a native Tasmanian bird that looks like a big raven with dabs of white on its tail feathers. Actually there were several of them. They're not shy and tend to be very raucous...very crow-like.

We wandered up a path for awhile then along small, adjoining white-gravel beaches. The day was warm and bright and it was a joy just to be out and about. We'll move tomorrow in anticipation of strong N/NW-W winds in the forecast. This anchorage is lovely but subject to willie-willies (williwaws, if we were in Patagonia), those strong blasts of wind that funnel through the clefts in the mountains surrounding us.
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