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Sailing with Nine of Cups
Howling hot
24 February 2012 | Port Davey, Tasmania
It was hot today ... over 80F/27C by midday with strong N/NW winds. We had every intention of moving to another anchorage, but there was little incentive to do so. Though the wind whizzes over the hills and howls through this cove, the anchor was well stuck and we didn't budge. No other anchorage close to us appeared to have any better protection, so in Schooner Cove we stayed. With 25kt+ of wind, despite the heat, we kept to the boat. Friends aboard "Kestrel" are also here in Port Davey and we chatted with them on the radio, but like us, they had decided to stay put in another anchorage east of us off the Bathurst Channel. Similar winds and temps are forecast for tomorrow, but things promise to cool down and calm down early in the week which will afford us the opportunity to explore a bit.