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Sailing with Nine of Cups
Coffee with friends in Ila Bay
26 February 2012 | Port Davey, Tasmania
The wind continued hot and howling during the night and into the day. David spotted a white-bellied sea eagle sitting on a branch in a tree ashore and we spent nearly an hour trying to get good photos of him while he posed patiently and the boat rocked and rolled and swung in the breeze. By midday, the temp was reading 86F/30C...whew! a taste of the tropics at the bottom of the world.

Our friends on Kestrel were still in Ila Bay, but getting ready to move on and we didn't want to miss the opportunity to see them for at least a coffee and a catch-up chat. We hauled anchor just before Noon and headed east through the Bathurst Narrows to Ila, just a few miles away. The mountains are low heading through the Narrows and the wind whips through with intensity. With a strong current aiding us, we saw about 35kts of wind as we whizzed through the narrows and headed up into the bay, anchoring just aft of Kestrel.

Marcie whipped up a quick blackberry/apple crumble and we enjoyed Kestrel's company for a couple of hours. By 5pm, they had headed out of the bay for a western anchorage and we had decided to stay put, all alone in Ila Bay. The wind whistled away the rest of the evening, while Cups and crew sat comfortably.